Spike Protein Shedding & Toxicity

Covid-19 injection victims produce toxic coronoavirus spike proteins internally. They also shed these toxins, which can harm their contacts.

Coronavirus Gene Injections

Following injection with coronavirus genetic material, a person’s cells are modified such that they are directed by foreign viral genetic material to produce large quantities of modified coronavirus spike proteins within themselves. These spike proteins are advertised to be of benefit by triggering the body to produce antibodies that target spike proteins; hence in this way they do induce an immune response.

Destructive Immune Response

Antibody-dependent enhancement of disease

There are very serious problems with this immune response, including antibody mediated selection, antibody dependent enhancement, and immune dysregulation.

These subjects are  outside the scope of this article, but can be found within this article and video: Covid “Vaccines”; How Dangerous Are They, and here: How covid jobs harm immunte system & help new variant evolve.

Poisonous Spike Proteins

Spike Glycoprotein

Returning our attention to the spike proteins which are mass produced internally following the genetic injections; spike proteins are poisonous in-and-of-themself . They cause disease. The injection induced unnatural flood of spike proteins, produced by the human cells and circulating throughout the body, are the cause of much of the adverse events and deaths which occur over the weeks and months following injection. Throughout the body, these spike proteins adhere to ACE2 receptors which are found on many different cells, in many different tissues, within many different organs. There, the spike protein has toxic effects. Because of the large variety of tissues and organs rich in ACE2 receptors, spike protein poisoning can present as, or cause, many different forms of disease, such as heart attacks, strokes, myocarditis, miscarriages, rashes, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, and many more. Dr Alexandra Henrion Caude gave an excellent presentation to the World Council For Health in November 2021 on this subject of diseases caused by spike proteins following covid-19 injections.

Post Injection Detox

Anyone receiving these covid-19 experimental biologics, have many risks and challenges to deal with. Spike proteins are a big part of the problems we face. Detoxifying is important. Here is the World Council For Health spike protein detoxification guide. Honest scientists, doctors and other health experts working together at the WCH, update and advance this and other WCH guidelines on a regular basis.


When one’s body is producing any substance, including in this case spike proteins, this substance will generally appear to varying proportions in many tissues and fluids from their body. Spike proteins are definitely shed by the bodies of injected people. see pg 69 of Pfizer’s own document: http://www.voterig.com/pfizervax.pdf

Shed Spike Protein Vulnerability in Contacts

Many people report being unwell with various symptoms, after simply being in contact with people who have received the experimental genetic injections. These reports include: children with nose bleeds after their parents were injected; women with menstrual irregularities or even severe post menopausal uterine bleeding after their partners are injected; breast feeding babies with intestinal bleeding after their mothers were injected; people with rashes after such contact exposure; people with covid like symptoms after exposure and more.

Regarding the shed spike proteins’ impact on uninjected contacts, there exists variation in the  levels of sensitivity, and the disease processes invoked. For instance, one injected man’s wife may seem fine, whereas another’s may develop menstrual problems, post menopausal bleeding, a rash, or other symptoms.

Estimating Duration of Shedding and Contact Precaution

Different experimental covid injections use different “trojan horse” methods to get the patented modified coronavirus genetic material into the injected person cells.

PEGylated nanoparticle

Pfizer and Moderna use PEGylated nanoparticles to get spike protein messenger RNA genetic material into the human’s cells. For most injected people with Pfizer or Moderna mRNA experiments, spike protein levels in their blood rise within one or two days after injection, and persist at detectable levels for about 4 weeks after injections. So to be cautious, we  recommend being aware and minimizing contact with others for about two months post injection, especially if they are known to be, or prove to be, sensitive, .  

Modified adenovirus

Unlike Pfizer and Moderna, there are other popular covid injections (Astrazeneca, J and J) which use modified monkey adenoviruses as the Trojan horse element to get coronavirus spike protein DNA into human cells. This DNA hijacks human cellular machinery and directs the production of modified coronavirus spike proteins by those cells. These adenovirus delivery systems deliver coronavirus DNA rather than messenger RNA. This introduces various differences. We do not currently have data for the blood’s spike protein levels over time in the blood following the adnovirus/DNA injections.

Presence of spike protein in blood after injection

Despite the levels of spike protein being low in the blood stream by four weeks post nanoparticle-mRNA injections, we have evidence of the persistent presence of spike proteins  in injection victims’ bodies after 4 months, and even after 15 months post injection. Significantly longer periods of caution regarding shedding may be required in some cases. This is affected by variations in the physiology of both the injection victims, and their contacts’ sensitivity to the spike proteins.

The subject is further complicated by legitimate concerns that some people react differently to the gene “therapy” and may continue producing spike proteins longer or even indefinitely. We hope these are rare exceptions. This is a giant unethical experiment at best; so we are having to catch up and learn as we go, how to deal with the crisis that has been inflicted upon us.

Many Roles of Ivermectin

Leading Ivermectin 6mg Tablets Manufacturers, Suppliers in ...Ivermectin sequesters spike protein; so in addition to its role in treating covid, it also has a potentially important role to play in treating the ill effects of the injections, as well as decreasing  shedding, and also treating diseases that the shed spike proteins may induce in the injection victims’ contacts.


The current forced and coerced injection of most of the population with these dangerous  genetic experiments is unprecedented. We are in uncharted territory, so it is important for us to be aware, and  pay attention to our own observations. Variations between the amounts and duration of spike protein shedding by injection victims; as well as variation in  levels of sensitivity to the toxic effect of the spike protein among their contacts; will require ongoing observation, and caution.  

Please take advantage of the resources at the World Council For Health, including the WCH Spike Protein Detoxification Guide.