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“These three rules, I recognize to be the highest: The Golden Rule, respect for the Creator, and love for the Sacred Mother Earth.”

Welcome to my forum. I hope you find knowledge, methods, and inspiration here to help improve your health, and fulfill your role in making the world a better place. There is a broad, vast and searchable collection of  resources concerning the so-called covid “vaccines”, coronavirus infections and treatment, the covid-crimes-against-humanity, and important information for healthy living from detoxification, to reversing diabetes, nutrition and achieving optimal health. Written material is available in 23 languages. Please enjoy and thrive! 

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Exit the WHO. Why and How

The top 3 reasons why this is absolutely essential to our dignified survival; and a Canadian resources to help us do what must be done The International Health Regulations amendments include establishing global medical martial law, removing “respect for dignity, human rights, and the fundamental freedoms of people”, and branding us with global digital “health ” certificates. Unelected bureaucrats requested these amendments “on our behalf”. The amendments are set to be adopted by the WHO in May of this year. We must exit, investigate and prosecute the WHO. Here is a Canadian Site aggregating information and resources to help us end our participation, funding, and cooperation with the WHO.    Related material: Fight the WHO Now! Amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulations: An Annotated Guide By Dr David Bell    More about the WHO

Comic Covid Relief from Russell Brand

Many of us have spent the last three years relentlessly punching holes in the covid deception. It is a dark and often redundant mission.

Some lost Jobs, other’s lost children

Throughout the past three years, we have all suffered. Good and innocent people have lost jobs, health, loved ones, and even children.

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