Merry Christmas Dr Mary O’Connor

Christians strive to be Christ-like. Dr Mary O’Connor is a testament to that. Years of disciple have rendered her an enlightened soul.

A story of good verses evil

Christians strive to be Christ-like. Dr Mary O’Connor is a testament to that. Years of disciple have rendered her an enlightened soul. She is calm, kind, courageous, intelligent, and unassuming.

Five minute clip. Dr Mary O’Connor describes the day that CPSO goons raided her office in 2021

When covid was launched, this good doctor’s world was turned upside down. She found herself at one epicenter in a grand conflict between God, truth, love, medical ethics, human rights, and the rule of law on one side; verses an evil deceptive spirit with archcriminals like Fauci, Gates, Tedros, Schwab, Tam,  Bourlas, and many lesser psychopaths, narcicists, and useful idiots on the other side.

On the totem pole of covid-crimes, well below the archcriminals, we find the administrators of many medical licensing bodies. They serve as regional enforcers of the covid agenda.    

In this tale, Dr Mary O’Connor is indeed Christ-like. She has only done proper things in regards to covid. She has no covid blood on her hands. Her accusers however, like the pharisees of old, are self righteous hippocrits and guilty as hell.

Full Episode of Dr Mary O’Connor on The Lavine Show

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Thanks also to Jason Lavigne and Donald Best for this insight filled interview with Dr O’Connor.

More of their work can be found here

Please join in helping Dr Mary O’Connor

She has been unlawfully stripped of  her livelihood and financially impoverished, for defending human rights and health. If you can, please send her some Christmas time financial support, by donating to her directly by interac e-transfer to her email which is 

Here is the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Statement on Public Health Misinformation from April 30, 2021

Imagine all the lives that could have been spared, and all the suffering that might have been averted if not for this campaign. This is hard evidence from 2021 of the CPSO coercing physicians into medical crimes (in my opinion). What do you think? Comment below.  

The Declaration Of Canadian Physicians For Science And Truth which Dr O’Connor spoke of,  was penned in response to the CPSO statement, and signed by thousands of physicians and concerned citizens.

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