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4 Doctors Explain What We Did And Why

Dr Mary O'Connor, Dr Mark Trozzi, Dr Chris Shoemaker and Dr Byram Bridle exclusive interview with Life Site News

In this 16 minute video, each of us share concise elements of our covid story and answer these two questions: “Briefly explain what you tried to do in response to covid, and above all why did you?”

LSN wrote: The mainstream media narrative surrounding the COVID-19 virus gained cult-like ascendancy each passing day throughout the so-called pandemic and the advancement of novel ‘warp-speed’ abortion-tainted vaccines. Doctors and laymen alike adhered to mainstream talking points with religious fervor — constituting crimes against the truth and best-practices in medicine and science. Now, in an exclusive presentation given only to LifeSiteNews journalists, canceled frontline doctors are speaking about their experiences and detailing the cultish COVID-19 discipleship in the medical field. Watch now as Dr. Mark Trozzi, Dr. Christopher Shoemaker, and virologist Dr. Byram Bridle give insightful testimony about the true health of the medical community and their cancellation by the culture of death’s globalist COVID-19 agenda.

Source:  https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/canceled-doctors-speak-out-against-the-covid-cult-my-faith-compels-me-to-tell-the-truth/

I highly recommend following and supporting Life Site News. They are extremely integral,  diligent, truth telling journalists at the front lines of the war to protect human life against a broad global anti-life agenda. Life Site News Canada Life Site News USA.

Dr Byram Bridle  

Dr Chris Shoemaker    

Dr Mary O’Connor needs help

Dr Mark Trozzi 

Justice For Medicine. Supporting the legal battle to reclaim medical freedom and human rights in Canada

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  1. I can’t thank you enough Mark for your steadfast efforts and the sacrifices you have made.
    I would be proud to tell people you are my Dr in so many ways.


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