The Long Anticipated NCI Report & Commissioners’ Statements

The NCI has built the most extensive, organized, documented and unbiased evaluation of governments’ responses and actions during the covid-19 “pandemic”.

The most extensive, organized, thoroughly documented and unbiased evaluation of governments’ responses and actions during the covid-19 “pandemic”.

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) released the final report of its months-long investigation into Canada’s response to COVID-19. The Report was written by NCI’s four independent Commissioners: Chairperson Mr. Ken Drysdale, Ms. Heather DiGregorio, Ms. Janice Kaikkonen and Dr. Bernard Massie.

The NCI’s twenty four full days of hearings held in 8 cities across Canada, involved 305 witnesses, including 94 expert witnesses.

Here is the most extensive and organized report in the world. It is a collection of tools for all active Canadians, as well as freedom fighters around the world. Moving forward, this report serves us all, in our work to establish the rule of law, restore and enshrine human rights, deliver justice, and prevent such government driven atrocities from ever occurring again.

The NCI commissioners have digested and deliberated over hundreds of hours of expert and citizen testimonies, addressing all aspects of the “pandemic” and its impact on Canadians.

Here is the NCI commissioners’ press release about the inquiry and report:

Unveiling the Final NCI Commissioner's Report

Video Index and Time Stamps:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 01:42 Shawn Buckley NCI Lead Council opening remarks
  • 15:30 NCI Commisioners’ reports begin
  • 15:50 – 29:15 Overview of the National Citizens Inquiry/ Ken Drysdale NCI Commisisoner Chair

NCI Commissioners’ Individual Statements:

  • 29:21 – 41:03 Ken Drysdale NCI Commisisoner
  • 41:10 – 52:30 Dr Bernard Massie NCI Commissioner
  • 52:30 – 58:42 Heather DiGregorio NCI Commissioner
  • 58:46 – 1:11:42 Janice Kaikkonen NCI Commissioner
  • 1:11:52 – 1:20:10 Chec Crosbie NCI Administrator statement
  • 1:20:10 – 2:17:17 Question and Answers

More Information

Here is NCI Report Volumes 1 and 2 Summary, Analysis, and Conclusions. This most essential portion of the report is 636 pages. The commissioners recommend beginning your exploration of the report by looking at the “Recommendations” section of the report’s index. This is found starting on page 16. There each of us can identify areas of the recommendations that resonate with us and our skill sets. Restoring civilization while ending the current tyranny and abuse, is not a spectator sport; we all have important roles to play.

The Full NCI report of over 5000 pages is accessible and free to download here.

Visit the National Citizens Inquiry website for much more information and materials.

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