Great video collection from the National Citizens Inquiry

Insightful collection of statements given to the Toronto hearings of the National Citizens Inquiry.

Dr Patrick Phillips, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Chris Melburn, and Journalist Rodney Palmer

The National Citizens Inquiry has begun. The first hearings were held in Toronto March 30th through April 1st, 2023.

Attorney Shawn Buckley

Insightful opening Statements to the Toronto hearings of the National Citizens Inquiry by Attorney Shawn Buckley:

Dr Patrick Phillips

Dr Patrick Phillips discussing the current abandonment of medical ethics, and the struggle and price he has paid to remain a real doctor, a scientifically and ethically accurate doctor, and a courageous and compassionate human being.

Dr Peter McCullough

The death and injures from the covid injections are unprecedented! It is shocking that the were not pulled off the market long ago. Anyone still promoting or administering them should be arrested.

Dr Chris Milburn

Dr Chris Milburn was a very high ranking emergency physician in Nova Scotia when covid was launched. He is one of the Canadian physicians who kept his mind and heart intact over the past three years. He testified regarding the huge negative impacts of covid policy verses the relatively small impacts of covid itself. Decisions were made by politicians and bureaucrats in private while qualified experts like himself were excluded from decision making.

Rodney Palmer

Veteran Canadian Journalist exposed the crimes of the CBC: using tax dollars to mislead Canadians and lead innocent people to confusion, harm and death.

Please help promote and support the National Citizens Inquiry. Here is more information and all the links. Hearings continue across Canada over the next two months. You can attend in person, or watch on line.

There is more great material coming from the Toronto hearings including legal analysis from Michael Alexander, and detailed presentations from both Dr Laura Braden and myself (Dr Mark Trozzi).

For more information about the National Citizens Inquiry click here