Dr Bridle on Canada’s Misinformation Guru: Timothy Caulfield

Dr Byram Bridle PhD reveals the work of Canada’s most prolific promoters of covid-19 “vaccines”: Timothy Caulfield.

He’s not a real scientist, but that doesn’t hold him back

Since 2020 good doctors and scientists sacrifice  homes and incomes to tell the truth and protect human life; but there are also individuals who make a fortune keeping people confused and oblivious to the unprecedented covid-injection-carnage, such that they roll up their sleeves for another booster.

Today’s video post is  from the Parliament of Romania. Dr Byram Bridle PhD  is currently one of the world’s  most respected health scientists.  Here he reveals the work of  Canada’s most prolific promoters of  covid-19 “vaccines”: Timothy Caulfield. Timothy holds a masters degree in law, but he also holds great influence over many people’s thoughts about medical science and injections for their families.

If you believe that your mind, the minds of others, and the actions we take matter; then the value of this post is found in the mantra “know thy enemy.”

Romanian Parliament Press Conference includes Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Mark Trozzi, Dr Denis Rancourt, Dr Harvey Risch, and Dr Andrea Stramezzi. Potent ammo for your info war.

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Timothy Caulfied

Dr Byram Bridle PhD Vaccinologist and Viral Immunologist: