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Dr Trozzi | Immunity, Detox, DNA invasion and Ending Tyranny

Dr Trozzi with LifeSiteNews at St Anne's Parish in Peterborough Oct 13

I enjoyed this special opportunity to speak on October 13th at St Anne’s Parish in Peterborough Ontario. This was hosted by Life Site News, and well attended by many intelligent truth and freedom lovers from the region.  

Speaking clearly in language that we all understand, I delivered as much useful information as possible.

This included:

  • How to strengthen your immune system against all infections including covid.
  • What’s really in the covid injections, how does it hurts us, and what can we do about it?
  • What are the latest discoveries that make the injections even more dangerous and more criminal?
  • How do we end the current medical tyrrany over our lives and world?

Special thanks to Life Site News, co-founder Steve Jalsevac and his wife Bonnie Jalsevac for their tremendous hospitality.

COVID-19 Frontline Dr. Mark Trozzi EXPOSES Medical Misinformation

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“In a talk given in Peterborough, Ontario on October 13, 2023, frontline doctor Dr. Mark Trozzi exposed the COVID-19 medical misinformation that was so aggressively spread by the mainstream media — responsible for locking down virtually the entire Western world in 2020. Dr. Trozzi explained the world-wide coordinated effort to enforce complete control over commerce, religion, and freedom — all in the name of the COVID-19 ‘pandemic.’ As the world continues to destabilize in Russia, the Middle East, and China, Dr. Trozzi continues to put everything on the line — his entire medical career — to speak the truth about the global COVID-19 pandemic and stop the world from spiraling once again into total lockdown. Watch now for this exclusive first-hand account of how COVID-19 fractured society, changed the levers of power, and revealed how vulnerable Western society is against global tyranny.” – LifeSiteNews.

Lifesitenews’ full article about this event.

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  1. It is time to grip the Bull by the Tail, and the informed doctors do the Criminal Laying of Information on such Corporations like CPSO, or other provincial CPS.
    This for wrongfully coercing doctors not to uphold their Medical Oath, do not harm.
    And by falsely disciplining ethical doctors who were warning their patients or the general public that Covid-19 vaccines were not safe and effective.
    May you find a skilled criminal prosecuting lawyer to assist you to file the Information, with your evidence, before a Provincial Justice of the Peace.
    He then takes the Information to the City Police for them to confirm the evidence in the Information.
    A trial is set for the Corporation’s appointed Executive of the CPSO to stand trial. If the CPSO is found guilty, like the Canadian Red Cross was for our contaminated blood supply, there is criminal “fine” as is suitable to the bodily harm offenses to those injured, or to the families of those who died, soon after being Covid-19 vaxxed.

  2. My wife & I hold you in very high esteem. You are a man of high character who has given up much on behalf of us all. Thank you Dr. Mark & may God continue to give you strength, wisdom, perseverance & energy as you go down this path.

    1. Thank you Dr. Trozzi you have been a blessing to all. God bless you and your family,.🙏💕

  3. Could you kindly point me to a copy or provide a copy of the infamous letter that CPSO sent out to their membership, threatening them with potential suspension of their medical license if they spoke against the narrative etc.

    Thank you and God bless

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