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Joel Sussman and Aurora Town Rejects Prison Planet

"15 Minute cities are wolves in sheep's clothing" - Joel Sussman, Town of Aurora, and a standing ovation.

Joel Sussman and The Town of Aurora Ontario may lead the way in rejecting global dictatorship of the UN and WEF. We absolutely say no to being corralled into data collection digital enslavement in “15 minute cities”. Here are 8 important minutes exposing and standing against the WEF’s prison planet designs. Thanks Joel Sussman; this is intelligent participation in democracy.    


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  1. Hoping Canadians wake up to the fact that Pierre Poilievre is just another WEF stooge and nothing will change if he’s elected as PM. His knee-jerk reaction to some of his party members meeting with Christine Anderson when she visited Canada to support our Trucker Convoy Protests is indicative of his true nature. The only truly conservative, populist party leader in this country is Maxime Bernier and I for one intend on supporting him and the People’s Party of Canada, even if it means splitting the conservative vote. I do not believe it will be me splitting the vote anyway, but it will be those who consider themselves to be conservatives but continue to vote for the CPC which as a party in truth isn’t even conservative.

  2. Has something new happened?

    Mr Sussman was to have meetings with 2 or 3 councilors afterwards. The headline implies that the council has rejected the entire :15City process.

  3. I attended the meeting in Aurora and was very pleased with the turnout. A great big thank you to Joe Sussmann for an awesome speech in the allotted 5 minutes. Thanks also to all who attended and to ourgreaterdestiny.ca for letting us know about the event.

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