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Strange Fires in Maui; Sinister Weapons

Man-made viruses and bioweapon injections aren’t the only tax funded weapons that global predators use against us.

In January 2021 we published our first video on drtrozzi.org. It was titled: “This is not a vaccine”. Now regarding fires in California, Australia and most recently Maui, it is fair to say: “These are not  forest fires.”

5 minutes packed with important evidence from Greg Reese

You may want to purchase a blue umbrella after you see this. 

Thanks Greg Reese

Day After “Fire” Footage: 4K Drone Lahaina Mauis Fire

People in a swimming pool in Maui as fires rage all around

Forensic Arborist Presents Extensive Evidence: These Are Not Forest Fires

Tanya Gaw’s Action4Canada interview with a forensic arborist who presents extensive evidence that directed energy weapons are being used against innocent citizens, our homes, and our lands.

Note: I am not suggesting that all the recent arson and government lit fires that have been used to steal land and promote the “climate change” agenda involved directed energy weapons. For instance the recent forest fires in Shushwap were simply lit the old fashion way.

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  1. Shushwap BC On Fire. Urgent Help Needed. Locals British Columbians fighting government lit fires in Shushwap; fire departments standing down, police or military obstructing supplies and movement.
  2. Canada’s Instant Forest Fires
  3. Action4Canada  
  4. Greg Reese 
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  1. The actual footage in the second video shows it is actually red and green complimentary colours that weren’t touched NOT blue which is more and more looking like a psyop to support the predictive programming that the Simpsons once again called it, we have no confirmation those shows were ever broadcast but currently made and everyone falls for it, the Reese Report triangle symbology inverted R duality? his video is manufactured not reality like the other, question everything

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbMV_Oix5pc&list=TLPQMjEwODIwMjNf72mMWe7UQw&index=3

    CBC NEWS fires in B C Shuswap area. Advance to 1.05 mins. Shows cars like those in plasma fires. No tires, no glass etc.

    “blue things didn’t burn” Jeff Snyder2 – is a tar baby psyop to prevent and diversion from what happened. Excellent video showing how credibility is destroyed.


    https://www.bitchute.com/video/HpghCGlEvjJo/ Canadian Fires

    Deserves watching. 14 minutes. Ends with the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. We are in the middle of those plans here in Canada. If you don’t know about this, you NEED to.


    Watch the first seven minutes of video. Shows what a plasma fire does consistently. Then advance to 6.40 and watch to 9.40. Videos posted by escaped residents were ALL removed. The ignited tree clearly burning from the inside was taped by chance as vehicle was trying to escape the fire. It’s the best example to show quickly how a plasma fire burns. Ironically, a news media featured it on their news show without realizing it, and since it’s “news” it can’t be removed.

  3. I just noticed one thing about this site, the .org/.com domain is controlled by the US and this site can even be shutdown anytime they want.

    They’ve shutdown all Iranian .com websites, all Eastern European newspapers sites that use .org or .com and that are NOT against Russia!!!

  4. Hi Dr Trozzi, as always thank you for all your hard work and dedication to keep me updated, and the many people I share it with. Yesterday, I initially could access your site (& forwarded it to others) and then I got the message: “Forbidden. You have no permission to access this resource. Server unable to read htaaccess file. Denying access to be safe. Code 304. Is this a problem on my end or is this perhaps a new censuring? Am I the only one having these problems? Luckily I could get on again today. Just thought I let you know, I want to keep accessing your information.

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