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Shushwap BC On Fire. Urgent Help Needed

Locals British Columbians fighting government lit fires in Shushwap; fire departments standing down, police or military obstructing supplies and movement.

I received an urgent call for help from Shushwap BC, and so am sending this urgent 4 minute message out.

The message I received:

Dear Will & Doc Trozzi,

I just had some shocking stories forwarded to me by friends who were in the heart of one of the largest fires in BC. It isn’t the Kelowna fire which is in the mainstream, but in the Shushwap area where half a dozen small communities were burned over this week-end. The authorities (ie police and some kind of military force) seem to be preventing food, water, gas and other supplies from reaching the people who were left to fight the fire on their own after the local fire brigades were told to stand down. The below story has been verified by two of my friends who witnessed it themselves and who know others who witnessed it also. Here is one of the stories circulating on Telegram in the Shushwap of BC – the people who posted this story actually included their phone number so that anyone wishing to get their story could talk to them in person:

“We need to get the story out about what’s happening in the Shuswap. Can you guys please post this everywhere. Send it to everyone you know. Please help us.

My name is Stef and my husband Jorne and I own a home at the end of Meadow Creek road in Celista BC. The fire department and forestry lit a back burn around 4pm on Thursday Aug 17th knowing there were 30km winds coming. No news outlet is talking out this. My husband has been monitoring the winds and the Adams creek fire for weeks. On Tuesday Aug 15th we knew the winds were coming. The fire was approx 15km away from us. We don’t know who decided to light a back burn knowing the wind forecast. They lit a 14km back burn right to our back door and never notified us. My dad who lives in Kelowna knew about a “out of control back burn” before we did. They didn’t even come to tell us. They notified the locals by posting it on a piece of paper at the gas station.

At 8:45pm we saw the fire just over the ridge. And by 12pm it had reached meadow creek road and was in back yard. Without the back burn we could have had a whole day to prepare. We did have sprinklers up, water tanks loaded and generators ready to go. We knew we were pretty much on our own and would not receive much help. The fire department did come down the road and were there briefly. Once they deemed the fire out of control they left. When the fire came into the valley we watched it burn up the sides of the mountain due to the humidity dome created with all the sprinkler and water. The fire department abandoned us. About 2 hours had passed when some locals came down our valley with resources and help. I was notified the fire department was sitting in a field having coffee so I went t to get them. When I got there I asked them to come help us, told them the situation. One of the firemen told me they wanted to help but had orders to sit. I yelled at them to get in their trucks and come help us. They said they would. I went back down the road to notify our crew they were coming. I sat and waited but no one came. About 15 minutes had gone by so I went back up the road and found them sitting about 1km away. They told me they were assessing the situation. I asked how they could assess if they couldn’t see it? I again asked them to come help and they finally did. Everyone ran around putting hot spots out. We wore water packs and half masks with headlamps for the next 3 days making sure our houses made it through.

In the initial days after the “superfire” the locals were able to get water, gas and supplies but now there is a heavy police presence. They have the roads blocked off saying they are preventing looting. The locals are being told to return to their homes. They are not allowed to be helping at all. There are spike strips on the roads. Police blocks everywhere. There are people trying to get essential supplies in such as water, gas and food by boat. They are being turned away. Police are patrolling the roads and water. They have the gas stations blocked off.

We need the real story to get out so we can get help.

We are more than equipped to help put this fire out but are being stopped. We need resources such as gas, diesel to keep us going. They’re trying to starve us out so they can let it burn.

My number is 250-509-0400 Please feel free to post my number. I’m willing to talk to anyone who can help us.”

My friends, the brothers Rick and Rob who live in Scotch Creek in the same area can verify this story and have been activists on the covid crap too. Their number is 1 250 463 2962 if you would like to hear from the horse’s mouth.

I hope you can do a story about this Will, as no one from mainstream is touching this one. They also know the owners of a food truck that were feeding the people who chose to fight the fire on their own – that food truck was ordered to shut down and all supplies were confiscated…

Anxious and angry,



Anita Krishna coverage of the Shuswap fires:

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  1. Stupid captcha deleted my first try… I’ll have to remember to copy it.

    They pulled the same thing in Monte Lake a couple of years ago. There’s a couple of videos about it. They’re serious about getting people out of the small more self sufficient areas.

    The fire departments and cops are supposedly friends and neighbors but there’s really something seriously wrong with them to sit by when people’s homes and property burn and they could help. I’m really disgusted and sickened by them. “I was just following orders” is no defense when judgement day comes.

    Part 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToiVJjD_j10

    I will spread this as much as I can but I’m definitely muted on the twitter.

  2. Look into the Powell Memorandum of 1971, and the 2011 study by Vitali, Glattfelder & Battiston et al from the Zurich Institute of Economics, “The network of global corporate control” PLOS ONE 6/10: e25995. In it 6ou will see the plan, the motivation and the players.

  3. Phone your newspapers, TV stations, your local MP’s, anyone you can think of and spread these true stories. Why are all the firemen, police, others complying with this evil? If they all stood together, refused to obey then this insanity could be stopped, along with all other evils. Just walk off the job – be brave, or soon no one will have ANY rights.

  4. ALL HUMANITY’S ANCIENT INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE ON WILDFIRES: Thank you for this important reality check on what our captured governments are doing. In the aftermath, we know governments & institutions are going to continue in malfeasance because of the ignorance Oligarch violence produces in the system.
    I lived from January-May 1971, at the Sorrento-Centre Winter-Course in Community, Communications & Group Dynamics. Following the 4 months, I then helped a small organic farmer in Celista across the Shuswap Lake for a couple of weeks before bicycling down to my research work above Stanley, in the Sawtooth Mountains of Central Idaho.
    In Shuswap, once diverse productive Deciduous & mixed Conifer indigenous Polyculture Orchards & other regions, had been cut down by forest companies & colonists & replaced with just forestry department commercially monocrop Conifer (Evergreen) trees. I didn’t know this at the time & worked at planting 150,000 mostly Conifer trees through BC & Alberta. Conifer monocropping burns like matchsticks & whole conifer forests spread like ‘wild-fire’, consistently over the past 140 years in BC & Alberta exactly in those artificial forests we had planted.
    The indigenous Turtle-Island (N. America) ~110 nations in ~23 Confederacies template was of mixed 3-D Polyculture Orchards (nuts, seeds, fruit, greens + understory herbs, vegetable, mushroom & more) & the fire-breaks created by millions of Beaver dam ponds & lakes. These basically fire-spread proof Polyculture safeguarded a whole continent of very ancient 100s & 1000s of years old food trees. Deciduous trees like Oak (acorn) & Maple have much more inherent water in their leaves & vast root systems, without the burnable pine & spruce pitch of conifers.
    My ‘community’ project from Sorrento was visiting the Kamloops Indian Residential School & being paired with Sto:lo activist Ernie Crey who oriented me for 2 1/2 days about the abuses & deaths within the ‘Indian’ Residential Schools & ‘Indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) 1st Nation Rights across Turtle-Island. Part of ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ is about the ancient Polyculture Orchards which all humanity’s worldwide indigenous ancestors cultivated as the basis of immense abundance of food, materials, energy & water-cycle. 1st Nations were trying to share this ecological-economic knowledge with the 10s of millions of European economic ecological refugees from Europe Oligarch mismanagement, but unfortunately most Settlers continued in submission to Oligarch governors & economic-ecological mismanagement to not listen.
    SYLVALIZATION (Latin ‘sylva’ = ‘tree’). As empires spread, hungry for the hardwood Oak for weapons of war, forts, arms, ships etc. the main productivity loss is the indigenous, carefully cultivated 3-D POLYCULTURE ORCHARDs of all humanity’s worldwide ‘indigenous’ ancestors:
    a) Polyculture’s 92-98% Photosynthesis compared with 2-D ‘agriculture’ (L ‘ager’ = ‘field’) 2-8% photosynthesis. Agriculture’s all settlers & 1st Nations had left to ‘farm’ (French ‘ferme’ = ‘contract of servitude by the peasant imposed by the armed aristocrat’)
    b) Deep Polyculture roots descending many 10s of metres into the substrate mining minerals, pumping water, developing extensive nutrient colonies etc. being 100 times = 10,000% more productivity than agriculture. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/b-ecological-design/1-indigenous-welcome-orchard-food-production-efficiencies

  5. This is just the beginning, folks. Some will have their eyes opened through this, but most will never even hear of it because of Gov. controlled media.
    Remember, Trudeau bought all the MSM with $600 million a few yaears back, so they are under orders, at risk of who knows what, to NOT publish whatever they are told not to publish.
    If you don’t believe the Bible and the prophesied end-of -days that we are in, maybe you should take another look (and take a good look what’s happening around the world). Seek out different, unbiased media
    sources like Tucker Carson, Glenn Beck or a number of trustworthy Christian sources like JD Farag, Amir Tsarfati, Jack Hibbs, etc.
    One World control of humans and their actions is already well underway and will be ‘full steam ahead’ before the end of this year, and it won’t be pretty. “You will own nothing and be happy” is not just a logo, it is a planned and co-ordinated attack on the human race. They will be eliminating cash for CBDC’s (Gov. comptrolled), and you will eat bugs as they eliminate MEAT and DAIRY and most of the population through more vaccines.
    Maranatha, come Lord Jesus………..<
    Rev. Roy…………..<

  6. Dr. Trozzi, thanks for raising your voice for us since all that madness started with Covid and now with another Government- made disaster. You are a saint. May God bless you and your family.
    Logically speaking , it’s time for Canadians to stop paying taxes. For the past two years, I have questioned whether I should pay taxes when they take our money and pour toxins from the planes every f.. day on us. When the paradise regions like Kelowna now have fires burning. Chemicals are sprayed throughout the day and night in Hamilton, our city, to block the sun. Every 100 meters along the streets, 5G equipment has been installed. There is no wind when chemtrails are there. People began to look ugly and ill. There are many people on the streets who suffer from mental illnesses.
    In the past few years, they also sprayed heavily in Kelowna. I’m a Hamilton local. I cannot breathe. In the valleys, no living thing is left. Sterile natural landscapes. DO WE PAY TAXES FOR THEM TO KILL US?

  7. Horrific story. I will forward this as I do not know what else to do. Can give money donation too! Though how this will get to those in the Shuswap? Please advise anyone who knows. The level of evil that is worldwide at this time in our history is unprecedented! How can people be so asleep? Covid and the vaccine lies have done this. Fear has disrupted peoples’ ability to think>

  8. It is time for the military, police and emergency personnel to disobey the authority and help people stay alive.
    How are they going to justify their “obedience” to the government officials after people have perished? How are they going to explain their inactions in these dire situations? Canadians have never put the government orders before welfare of people. We have always looked after each other no matter what the officials demanded. Wake up, people, follow your conscience, your heart…otherwise you will end up living with a horrible sense of guilt the rest of your lives. Our government officials are not worth it, are they!

  9. I have friends in West Kelowna and they told me about the fire near their home and the police did the same things and the fire department didn’t respond and the people were told to stand down. The “authorities” told people to leave their homes and go and register at a center. Right, so they could burn down the whole town! The governments are killing us with deadly “vaccines” and taking our land. It’s not only happening in Canada, but Maui, Lindos, Greece, and Tenerife, Canary Island. Praying for all the people in these fires.

  10. If true, this signals that governments everywhere believe they are now unassailable and can act with impunity. When those we elect into office, and the administrative staff hired to support them, are willing to act as environmental terrorists on an unimaginable scale, rigging elections is an action they’ll undertake without a second thought. Democracy has gone the way of Monty Python’s parrot. We are in an era of global tyranny, ruled by rabid psychopaths willing to kill billions with toxins masquerading as vaccines and destroy vast areas of natural environment and agricultural land to wipe out the remnants who try to resist.

    What’s staggering is the complicity of all forms of government from local to national in all areas of the planet from Australia and New Zealand to Canada, Hawaii and Europe. How did the WEF (or whoever is behind this) manage to construct such a universally evil consensus among western ruling elites without a whisper of it emerging before they, themselves, were ready to reveal their ‘great reset’? And how do we stop it short of armed insurrection?

    1. It’s the Khazarian Mafia. They stated their dim objectives in their Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as well as in the Talmud. They hate Goyim, Christians especially, and wish to wipe us all out.
      Unfortunately, they have managed to dupe the U.S. & Canada, & Europe, having taken over London, and through their vehicle Freemasonry, have effected their goals thru local services groups, e.g. police & firefighters.
      We must fight for our survival.

    2. Perhaps we need to better understand the dangers of democracy and that it’s working exactly as designed – Democracy is a tyranny of the majority. Governments powers should be limited to protecting the freedoms of people and private property, and aid in enforcing contracts. This idea that they’re there to keep us safe has put us in the position in which we currently find ourselves.
      Further, the concept of democracy traps us into the belief that we can affect change by voting “them” out. We can’t, the agenda keeps moving forward no matter what colour tie the leader is wearing.
      Governments should not have the power that we’ve afforded them. This way it wouldn’t matter which politician is in power, as his powers would be limited to preserving our freedoms, protecting our private property and enforcing contracts between two consenting parties.

    1. Oh my goodness people. These people are human beings and need help
      Now. If it was our people you would be out there I hope. These are real people let this sink in

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