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Martin Gebauer | Forest Fires, Climate Change, Real Answers

Martin Gebauer, an ecosystem health expert whom I know and trust clears the confusion in just 15 minutes

The narrative, claiming that our CO2 production is destabilizing the earth’s climate, is being promoted intensely, by people who produce far more CO2 than the rest of us. Based on this narrative, we are being manipulated to surrender our rights, freedoms, and property. It’s UN Agenda 2030 etc.       

There are real environmental issues, but how can we distinguish between the truth and lies, the solutions and the scams?

Martin Gebauer is a wildlife biologist with 35yrs consulting experience in forestry, biodiversity, and conservation. He earned his Masters Degree in Science from Oxford and UBC. I know him personally. I have spent time in the forest with him that has been very enlightening for me as an amateur nature lover and conservationist. I have literally experienced Martin identifying rare birds in my background when he and I spoke on the telephone. He is a truly genuine nature lover and ecosytem health expert.

Following the recent arsons and forest fires across Canada; a midst the drums of “military style campaign” to combat climate change”, I am very happy to share with you this 15 minute video in which my friend Martin Gebauer provides clarity on climate change, carbon dioxide, forest fires, and real environmental problems and solutions that we should attend to.

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  1. Climate change: the biggest hoax, scam and fake science in order to empty citizens accounts and strengthen control over population.
    It is the same BS as covid plandemia. In 1989 some UN idiots predicted cities under water in 2000 ! !

  2. This is pure common sense!

    Honest people have been saying this for decades. I remember reading an article by Aroun Tasieff (French Volcanologist) in 1992 titled “The Sky is not Falling on us and Will not fall”!

    His argument was that the WWF (run by Prince Philip) was peddling unscientific narratives about “climate change”. After studying virtually all volcanic eruptions around the world, he couldn’t figure out how humans could control tons of methane, CO2 and other gases released by these natural eruptions. Comparing the volumes of volcanic gases to those generated by human activities, it made no sense to even waste 1 second talking about controlling these gases.

    Now, from a political perspective I’ve listened to Putin (Russian president) for years talking about his “partners” in the EU losing their heads. He cannot understand how Germany can plan on relying on wind mills, solar panels (in the Northern hemisphere!!) to power its heavy industries… These are very unreliable sources of energy for an industrial nation. How many hours per day do they have sun power in Germany? What’s the efficiency of wind mills, etc… It’s just crazy.

    Am I surprised? NO. The EU have voted 11 packages of sanctions against Russia since Feb 2022 and the cost to Europe is evaluated at $1Trillion already. Russia on the other hand just switched its business to Asia..

    These narratives are just insane mass formation psychosis by the global predators.

  3. Very interesting information and will pass along! What people don’t realize is that the ChemTrails of Aluminum and other metals is what is now coating the earth and Aluminum acts as an accelerant and super charges the heat, etc. This is why the fires now burn hotter and faster, thus completely out of control. They don’t want people on the land.

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