“King” Charles Threatens Military Style Climate Campaign

With Jimmy Savile's friend Charlie now crowned as "king of England" and threatening a "military style campaign" to fight carbon-dioxide.

These predators are clearly planning something awful

With Jimmy Savile’s friend Charlie now crowned as “king of England” and threatening a “military style campaign” to fight carbon-dioxide (without commenting on his own collection of castles, private jets, limousine entourages, and decadent carbon-spewing, self-aggrandizing, tax-payer-funded events); we should be very concerned as to what these global predators are planning next, and find a way to stop them for good.

Here's Charlie calling for a "military style campaign" to stop climate change:

The dark ugly past of Climate King Charlie, his family, and friends.

Dr Tess Lawrie recently wrote about the coronation of Charlie as "King of England"

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