Plothe and Trozzi | A crime of intent

Plothe and Trozzi explain that Covid-19 injections increasing disease and death was easy to predict. It is a crime of both neglect and criminal intent.

The fact that the covid-19 injections would increase coronavirus disease, suffering and death, was easy to predict. This is not just a crime of neglect. It is a crime of intent.

Here are three two minute video clips which I hope you will find worth posting and sharing. People must realize the extreme degree of criminal intent and neglect, with which the covid-19 genetic injections have been (and continue to be) promoted by guilty parties.

Dr Mark Trozzi MD: We tried to warn people about this in 2020, but they didn't listen


Dr Mark Trozzi: “Looking at almost 50,000 employees and comparing the rate of contracting Covid disease compared between ´vaccinated´ and ´unvaccinated´, it shows that the ‘vaccinated’ are more likely to catch the disease. And for those of us—probably that’s a lot of us on this call, a lot of us in the audience, a lot of us who were doing our homework back in 2020 and were warning against these injections—this was all very predictable.

This was predictable based on prior coronavirus vaccine research in animals, and the idea of, that’s creating antibody-dependent enhancement, where the antibodies created in response to the vaccination actually help the disease, not the person. They help the virus invade the person. And as Christof pointed out, it also creates an environment where, unfortunately, the coerced, lied to, and innocent victims of these injections are literally the place, the incubation space, in which variants are growing under the kind of evolutionary pressure created by these injections.

The fact that we were warning since 2020 against these, and many of us willing to lay down everything to warn about this, that’s not because any of us were psychic. That’s because this is obvious when you look at the science. I think you can add this to the mountain of patents and every other reason to know that these harms were premeditated. There’s no way that the scientists at Pfizer, Moderna, etc, that Anthony Fauci, and the lot of them, didn’t know that these injections would not only kill people a lot of ways, but that they would make people sicker with Covid. In my opinion, that was well known and makes this much more of a crime of intent than just a crime of neglect.”

Here are two more short excerpts from the Plothe and Trozzi presentation:

Christof Plothe DO: Scientists all over the world knew in 2021 that Covid-19 "vaccines" were harmful


Christof Plothe, DO: “There are many, many questions and actually, there are many answers already about the dangers of the mRNA technology itself. Instead of looking at what the approval study should have looked at, and this is, of course, overall death in the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated, which was never done, and in fact, what we could see in the approval papers handed in to the health official bodies was that more people actually died in the vaccinated group than in the control group. So, that was already one important endpoint of a study that was somehow missed, which should be the most relevant for anybody with common sense.

And the second one would, of course be, if we have a vaccine, how much it actually prevents you from infection. Well, we know that that was never the case. And how much it prevents you from spreading it, we know that as well. That was a myth.

So we’re not left with many criteria of importance that we could look at. But one of them that we took the time to analyse was, what about efficiency? And in fact, there have been a few publications in the last few months, but looking back, that already dated from [20]21 where the first signs were, and that was even from the official boards, we’re talking about studies from the CDC itself, we’re talking about numerous papers from eminent scientists all over the world that could show that the technology created a negative efficiency. So, negative efficiency means, for those who don’t know the term, that you are more likely to catch the disease, in this case, if you have been injected with the genetic injection of Covid.”

Christof Plothe DO and Mark Trozzi MD: Covid-19 "vaccines": No benefit, all harm. They actually increase your chances of getting sick with Covid


Christof Plothe, DO: “The C-19 injections, what we could see, actually increase your chances of getting Covid. There were two important papers that shook up the scientific world, from the Cleveland Clinic. […] So if you want to comment on the first Cleveland paper, Mark, go ahead.”

Dr Mark Trozzi: “So there you can see the five different curves, and those are based on how many injections you have. And that’s a cumulative rate of infection with SARS-CoV-2. So, unfortunately, I was hoping that these things were working and would make up for all the adverse events, but clearly they don’t. What you can see is the lowest incidence of Covid, people with no shots. And then with one shot, you have a higher incidence, two shots a higher incidence, three shots an even higher incidence, and four shots, a higher incidence. So, it’s very clear there’s a linear relationship. The more shots one takes, in addition to all that other death and dying and disease, you also get an accumulatively higher risk of getting sick with Covid. So we’re down to no benefits and all harms.”

Christof Plothe, DO: “Yeah. And for those who don’t know what the Cleveland Clinic actually is; it was established in 1821, it’s a system of over 200 hospitals and 65,000 people working there. So, the sample, as you can see, is not a small one. You can see here that the first Cleveland paper was in September 22. There were 12,000 employees unvaxxed and 2,395 were single jabbed, 13,000 were double jabbed, 20,000 were triple jabbed, and 3,500 were quad or penta jabbed with the original vaccine. So, you could not argue with the quantity of people participating in this study.”

Here is an in depth Covid “Vaccine” Performance Update by Plothe and Trozzi complete with extensive references, sources, and other supportive and explanatory materials.