Malcolm Roberts | Special Non-Lethal Batches for Pfizer

Senator Malcolm Roberts grills Pfizer executives in a recent Australian Senate Hearing.

Senator Malcolm Roberts grills Pfizer executives in a recent Australian Senate Hearing

Here is a mini and a short clip from one of the world’s rare and great politicians: Australia’s Senator Malcolm Roberts. In a recent senate hearing, he questioned two Pfizer executives. He asked serious pointed questions. Overall, they squirmed, dodged, and avoided giving clear answers. However they did admit that Pfizer used special batches to “vaccinate” their employees. Additionally, unlike so many institutions and employers who violated their employees basic rights with zero mercy; Pfizer claims to have honored “vaccine” exemptions, including religious exemptions, for their own.

20 second clip: special "vaccines" for covid employees

9 minutes of this questioning of Pfizer executives by Senator Roberts

About this senate hearing, Sen Roberts wrote:

“The company was very reluctant to attend the committee hearing and also reluctant to supply a straight answer, automatically falling back on their ‘safe and effective’ mantra to dodge answering the question. Already, this Senate Hearing revealed that Pfizer is rewriting history on transmission of infection. We’re supposed to conveniently forget they said “get it to protect others, to save grandma” and “when you’re vaccinated the virus stops with you”. They’re hiding behind their indemnity contract with our government and dodging responsibility.”

Dr Trozzi adds:

“Their is no indemnity for crime. That includes fraud. If the cops won’t arrest them, the people must.”

Additionally, Jikkyleaks revealed how Pfizer employees were spared injections from any of the most deadly batches.

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