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Are there harder lockdowns ahead?

Past UK Health Minister states “Britain must prepare for harder lockdowns”. Dr David Bell advises “It’s time to challenge the WHO”. James Roguski continues to lead the charge, and Dr Robert Malone shares insights for the naive who think it’s over.

Matt Hancock, UK's Covid launch-time Health secretary declared that "Britain must prepare for harder lockdowns"

“Britain must prepare for wider, earlier and more stringent lockdowns in the face of future pandemics,” Matt Hancock has claimed. The former health secretary told the Covid Inquiry that failing to plan for restrictions on civil liberties was a flaw in the Government’s “woefully inadequate” pandemic strategy. Mr Hancock, who was in office from 2018 to 2021, said that even before Covid hit in 2020 he thought it was “an oversight not to consider lockdowns” during a pandemic. He made the claim despite mounting evidence that lockdown has caused more harm than the pandemic, from soaring child mental health referrals to a “cancer bomb” of patients whose treatment was delayed alongside a struggling economy. David Davis criticised his former Cabinet colleague, saying that lockdowns were “ill-conceived and based on scientific guesswork, not science”. Read more.

It's Time for MPs to challenge the World Health Organization’s power and money grab

Dr David Bell regarding the IHR amendments and WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty that we have been warning about: “These pandemic instruments are founded on a fallacy regarding the frequency and impact of pandemics and would, if ratified, fundamentally change the relationship between the WHO and national governments and their citizens. Of particular concern are the amendments to the IHR which constitute a dangerous increase in power and authority bestowed on just one person. The Director General would be able to proclaim health emergencies, whether real or potential, on any health-related matter that they, influenced by their private and corporate funders, say is a threat. The WHO would be able to issue legally binding directions to member states and their citizens. In light of the catastrophic harms the WHO’s policies have caused during this pandemic, probably greater than the virus itself, the potential economic and health-related harms of such power cannot be overstated. There is a vast pandemic industry waiting for these buttons to be pushed and I am in no doubt that policymakers should reject WHO’s pandemic proposals.” Read more.

Dr Robert Malone with London Real shares a wake up call to the naive thought that it is over

Voting to De-fund and Exit the WHO at the WCH Better Way Conference with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

The Right Thing To Do Is Exit The WHO. James Roguski

Lockdowns and Mandates killed:

NCI | Canadian embalming experts round-table with Dr Trozzi  

What really killed the Italians? A spreading virus, or policies turned on by governments? Dr Mark Trozzi October 19, 2022  

Exit the WHO Canada 

WCH Rejecting WHO Monopoly Power Over Public Health. Announcing The World Council For Health’s policy & briefing document regarding The World Health Organization’s dangerous power grabs & threats to human rights & health.  

More about the WHO 

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  1. Hi J-S, Makes me think of how much I go by what I sense myself from a celebrity (as distinct from what others say about him/her).

    Fwiw, I have a highly positive trust-quotient with RFK Jr. and see his contribution as highly positive. It’s very seldom I trust a politician but I trust “Bobby.”

    1. Thank you Andrew for your response. I am hopeful that the balance in love and truth will prevail, within/ or caused by so many human misunderstandings. Take care

  2. Hi Dr Trozzi, we met and talked during “The Better Way Conference” and I expressed some concerns about Dr R. Malone. I referred to what I had read from Dr Peter Breggin. You then said that you would contact Dr. Peter Breggin and possibly arrange an interview in order to gain some clarity. I love to hear if you have done this. I also expressed my unease in the way R. Kennedy was promoted by the WCH. I felt I needed some further answers, so after leaving this conference, I wrote a letter to the WCH and sadly I have had no reply on this similar subject. Could you reply to me in the comments chat? And I would welcome it to read comments from others.

    1. Thanks for you note and reminder JS. We are all spread thin and things get missed and delayed. I’ll touch base with my friend Dr Peter Breggin. I am over due to check in with him. I messaged the team at WCH HQ regarding your letter and seeking a reply. Thanks and blessings for your honesty, MT

      1. Thank you Dr Trozzi, I much appreciate your reply and that you will talk to Dr Peter Breggin and to the team at the WCH. I am all always willing to be wrong, and to me it appears important to understand better. Many blessing to you and all you do.

  3. Dr. Trozzi
    Is there a comparable Exit the WHO /Screw the WHO information page with who we should be writing to for Canada? Is it our MP, Our Senators,
    the Slime Minister?
    Thanks for everything you do and for guiding us in how to make a change and trying to retain our dwindling freedom.

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