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Parent’s Rights. Children’s Safety. Canada’s Madness.

Rescheduled to July 10, 2023 at 8 PM


A Canadian mother with two daughters has been in a prolonged battle within the scary circus that is now our Canadian courts. The story began with ten and twelve year old sisters, who live primarily with their mother. Their mother is their primary parental decision maker. The girls did not want to be injected with covid-19 genetic experiments that continue to be misrepresented as simple “safe and effective covid-19 vaccines”. Their mother supported the girls decision to decline the injections. The girls father however adamantly wants them injected with the experiment, and he took the mother to court over that. In court the judge ruled in the daughters’ and mother’s favor; the girls did not have to be forcibly injected. However, the father appealed that decision and the supreme court of Ontario overturned the initial judges decision. Perversely, this second judge ruled that the first judge’s ruling was invalid because he did not choose to exercise his option of “judicial notice”. Judicial notice states that a judge can ignore evidence and choose to accept that something is obviously and unquestionably true. In this case that would be that: “covid-19 infections pose a serious risk to children’s health, and that the misrepresented injections actually are safe and effective vaccines, that carry a dramatically superior benefit verses risk”. How strange is it that one judge would overturn another because the first did not choose to accept assumptions; rather he considered that there is more than one side to the “safe and effective covid-19 vaccine” debate.   

How perverse is it that we are now told children have the “right” to be injected with a genetic experiment without parental consent or even parental knowledge? A kid can say yes to the covid-jab, but they can’t say no, if one of their parents has drank enough cool-aid to believe that these injections are wonderful. Also in Canada, a child can request and be supported through “gender reassignment” by their school , even without parental consent or knowledge. But they can’t refuse a misrepresented dangerous genetic injection. We are most recently told that now in Canada, children even have the potential as “mature minors” to request assisted suicide without parental consent. But they can not say “no” to a dangerous misrepresented genetic experiment, that carries significant risk of harm and absolutely no benefit for a viral illness that has never presented a significant risk of serious disease to children.  

This evening, July 10th 2023 at 78PM ET, 4PM PT, you are invited to join a live round table discussion regarding parental rights to medical choices. This event hosted by Vaccine Choice Canada and Take Action Canada will include Biomedical Ethicist Dr Julie Ponesse, VCC’s president Ted Kuntz, two lawyers Albertos Polizogopolu and Lia Milousis who represent the mother in this case, and myself Dr Mark Trozzi.

You can join us online tonight July 10th, 2023 at 8 PM ET, 5 PM PT here.

Attorney Garifalia Milousis explained the legal aspects of this controversial family law case that should be of concern to all Canadians

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  1. Here is the sad reality – if people understood how our ‘legal’ system works – we are only caretakers of the children – the state is the actual owner of them. I know very few believe me, but if you trace back to the origins of the birth certificate, the parents (unknowingly) sign the children over to the state. That means, the goverment can take the children any time they wish by stating they are not being properly cared for or placed in danger. This is why they can do the gender transformation, assisted suicide, etc., Think about it – you don’t own your home either, even if you are mortgage free.

  2. The Vaccine Mandate Act, Bill C-278, is now in Second Reading at the Federal Level. It is being put forward by the Conservative Member from Niagara-West ON, Dave Allison, on behalf of the 6 Million Unvaccinated Canadians who chose not to have the Covid 19 Vaxx and who were heavily discriminated against, including being fired from their jobs. Please listen to the whole speech. It clearly articulates the gross violation and lies which the Liberal Govt used to isolate and coerce Canadians into taking the Vaxx. The Video can be accessed directly from Vaccine Choice Canada Choice Insider for June 28, 2023 and is on You Tube.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_qwa32NT8c (The Vaccine Mandate Act – Second Reading Speech by MP Dave Allison on June 20, 2023)

  3. Please forward your email or contact info Dr. Trozzi. I’ve just learned about you and your work and would like to have you on my show – A Right To Know. I’ve been reporting on TRUTH for decades; was on FM radio in Los Angeles; Knocked off of You Tube; Rebuilding on Rumble and other platforms.

  4. Excellent Discussion! I add, mRNA shots being given are still only covered by: Experimental, Emergency-Use-Authorization EUA only. Insurance companies have refused to insure/compensate the $$ risks of health damage & death from the mRNA shots, now 3 years later. How can any public body such as Courts, Education, Religion, Employers, Institutions, Public Medical facilities & services egregiously misinterpret mRNA’s ‘non-established’ status as a Medical Procedure? If the judge or government represented, wishes to overturn the compensatory evaluator assessments & public role of Insurance Companies, he or she must be willing to put up the ~trillion $ CDN necessary into an operational Adverse Event & Death Compensatory Trust Account. Presently those children & adults who have been Adversely injured or died following the mRNA shot, have been provided with no compensation for the extraordinary suffering, disabilities, ongoing health costs & destroyed life-future. Any judge, government or medical professional who operates outside of their Fiduciary Liability as representatives of the people, is guilty of breaking the most basic of human laws & liable before any traditional Court-of-Law. Parents & families who understand this legal abridgement of the citizen-judiciary-government contract are best to pull together talents, goods, services, resources & dreams locally, where responsible governance & medicine can be re-established, locally. 70% of people today, live in Multihome-Dwelling-Complexes (eg. Apartment, Townhouse & Village) architecture, with an average of 32 dwelling units or ~100 people. All humanity’s worldwide ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) ancestors, including 1st Nations here on Turtle-Island / N. America, cultivated this loving, intimate, intergenerational, female-male, interdisciplinary, critical-mass, economies-of-scale cultural ‘fractal’ unit of governance & known responsibility. 20% of Multihome-dwellers are extended-families living intentionally in proximity for social & economic collaboration. DO-WE-KNOW-WHO-WE-ARE-? is a web-based Community-Economy software empowering people to take responsibility for ourselves, families, extended-families, friends & neighbours locally. Robust Circular Economies are far more appropriate & capable than present top-down Oligarch directed deliberately misinformed, misguided institutional / government services. http://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/d-participatory-structure/9-do-we-know-who-we-are

  5. Kissinger Quote from a speech to the WHO Council on Eugenics, February 25, 2009:

    “Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, it’s game over. They will accept anything – forcible blood or organ donation – “for the greater good”. We can genetically modify children and sterilize them — “for the greater good”. Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions. And many of you in this room are investors. It’s a big win-win. We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for extermination services”

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