Stop Killing Our Children!

About this initiative

Children have a statistically zero risk of serious disease with SARS C0V2. They do not transmit covid-19 and present approximately zero risk to others. Many children, perhaps most,  have already encountered covid. They had little or no symptoms, and developed great long lasting natural immunity. They should immediately be set free, muzzles removed, encouraged to play together, and never covid-injected.

It is essential that children encounter SARS C0V2. They easily developing natural and highly effective immunuty with little or no symptoms, and this is essential for us to acquire herd immunity together. Undisturbed by dangerous injections, children’s powerful innate immune systems helps protect everyone. This is essential to get this dragged out mismanaged coronavirus business behind us.  

The forced injections carry more than 100 times the risk of death for children as covid-19 does.

The forced covid injections pose grave danger for our children’s immune systems and long term health. Despite all this, Gates, Fauci, and other psychopaths in central-banking, big pharma, and authoritarian governments still chant the big lie “safe and effective”. They seduce children into injections with ice cream and dancing bears. 

We know that we must overthrow the criminal covid enterprise. Sane people are drawing a line in the sand: “Stop killing our children!”

The Trozzi team are very proud to be part of the Take Action Canada, and we are grateful for this excellent new resource: We hope the resources at will help you in the fight to stop the madness and save the children.