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Dr Scott Jensen | Medical Journals are being Deleted

With so many people dead and injured from the covid mandates and injections, medical journals that published BS science to support the genocidal agenda, are scrubbing the record to hide their guilt.

Here is a brief but important alert from Dr Scott Jensen, a long-time family physician, and former Minnesota State Senator for Carver County.

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  2. Thank you, Drs. Jensen and Trozzi! Brilliant discovery and deduction.
    So we have a new form of “PTSD, a realization that our guides, mentors and ‘superiors’ are malevolent, and have lead and continue to lead us into great peril.

    Actually, it is worse than that: our traumatic stress is not “post”: our Traumatic Stress Disorder will continue until we destroy the source of our disorder, or are destroyed by it.

  3. Do you know of ANY uncompromised psychiatrists or psychologists? i need one for doctor note for work. Please help! Thanks!

  4. Canadians can sign the Petition for “The Charter of Health Freedom” – https://www.charterofhealthfreedom.org/
    You can also subscribe to “The Natural Health Products Protection Association” –
    The NHPPA focuses on identifying and responding to threats facing the Natural Health Product and Dietary Supplement industry. The NHPPA acts as an industry watchdog.

  5. Where are the links to this proof? If you don’t include this you are as bad as the fake science liars.

  6. Follow the Science™.

    Even the Law of Gravity has Changed since 2020.
    When you throw a stone in the air these days, expect it to continue its way to the moon as requested by Clown Schwab.

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