Dr. Mark Trozzi

The Provincial Strong Arm of Dark Global Agenda

June 12th discussion with Glen Jung of Bright LIght News on the eve before the CPSO vs Trozzi spectacle began.

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Our June 13th post included excerpts from an 18 minute June 12th interview with Bright Light News’ Glen Jung. Here is the full 18 minutes, about which Glen wrote : ” In this full version of our Monday June12th interview, Dr. Mark Trozzi talks about his 7-day tribunal hearing with the CPSO, which seeks to remove his medical licence for taking an ethical stance for his patients during Covid, and “the global agenda being carried out [by] the WHO, a conduit of criminal control that’s rolled out through govt’s regulatory bodies and has committed… medical atrocities.”

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  1. I believe exiting the system is the only way out of this. It cannot be resurrected at this point because it’s gotten far too corrupt and out of control.

  2. And this:
    Re: TANKS FOR KIDNEYS: Investigative Report on NATO’s Forced Organ Harvesting Crime Syndicate

    This is where the corporate/ government degradation of the protections in place to prevent such abuses is heading. Especially our own government’s violations of our citizens’s fundamental human right to say what happens to their own bodies.
    That WHO ‘treaty’ our governments are so keen on , removing fundamental human rights of control of your own body, is undeniably a serious threat to our people.
    Where’s the investigation of the role of the billionaire corporate interests and their agents throughout our nation in the grotesque violations of fundamental human rights we’ve already witnessed?

    Denials, maligning whistleblowers, and censorship by those accused, and currently actively involved and supporting those accused , is NOT reasonable given the serious signals of the need for investigation of corporate influence and corruption in our own public and government offices already on display. WEF, UN, WHO. NATO,
    Where’s the damm investigation by empowered for indicting and prosecuting by arms length trusted police? Those accused just saying “no”? Members of the judiciary obviously need investigation as well. ‘ Health Canada”Whose interests are they advancing, and whose protections from abuses of the corruption of our regulatory bodies are they dismantling?

    “ Regulatory Capture is a serious failure of government and a grave threat to national security and the public safety. Regulatory Capture is the corruption of government, authorities, institutions, and media, by the influence and control of corporate interests. Ignoring, censoring, and suppressing evidence of Regulatory Capture by those agencies and bodies responsible for protecting the public from such abuses and crimes is itself a significant signal of Regulatory Capture by those same agencies.

    From True North News: “Thanks to an unredacted memo from the Privy Council uncovered by Blacklock’s Reporter, we now know that the federal government, as early as May of 2021, instructed public health officials to downplay and skew data relating to adverse reactions and injuries from the Covid-19 vaccine in order to maintain confidence in the public health regime in Canada.

    This is a bombshell story that confirms what most people knew all along – the government intentionally misled the public about adverse reactions to the shot in order to increase uptake.

    Further, Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies worked with the government to block access to the vaccine contracts from being made public.

    The public health narrative that Canadians were told by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam and the rest of the government is a lie. “

    And this:
    Below is a video of a former officer of Health Canada testifying before The Standing Committee on Government Operations about the dangerous climate within the office of this Regulatory Body of coercion to advance the interests of the Drug Industry and enforce silence despite the grave threats to public health and safety:

    Re: HEALTH CANADA Senior official testimony to parliamentary committee on government operations : “strong ties to drug industry and cover ups at the highest level”:

    How about the latest “agile licensing” for BigPharma; Health Canada allowing ‘real time’ drug testing after licensing to be ‘deployed’ on the public: ie: the public are the Guinea pigs; no more pesky testing before raking in those billions; no doubt ‘mandated’ and paid for by the public “ for our safety”. We already witnessed these people’s response to dissent or even claims for the right to not submit your bodily autonomy to the prerogative of the same players and cohorts making billions from this ‘ business model’ of “ government/ corporate partnership’.
    This can’t go on ignored any longer. Dismissing the strong signals of the corruption and threat that is Regulatory Capture by the billionaire corporate interests and all of their ‘members’ ( agents) placed throughout our political and public sphere, including their board member C. Freeland is a clear signal of the urgent need for a proper investigation.

    Come on people. We all have to get really loud, and vocal and stand UP WITH our good doctors and those like Dr. Trozzi . No more tippy toeing around the people enabling this take over through ignorance .
    Send the info. Show everyone. Go to your local police department, your mayors and city councils. Your hospitals and silent doctors still wearing their ridiculous masks. Post the evidence and links all over your town.

  3. Dr. Trozzi, I have soooo much respect for you and the other honest and ethical doctors who have spoken out since the beginning. I have been watching your hearing all this week and it has been eye-opening to see all the leeway that the CPSO legal cousel has been given….not really surprised. I continue to donate and support you because I believe in Medical Freedom and critical thinking and that is what you represent. Your lawyer Michael Alexander is an angel for sure and I applaud him as well. May God continue to bless and protect you and all the freedom doctors, lawyers and activists.

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