CPSO v. Trozzi spectacle begins today

Details for attending CPSO v. Trozzi spectacle begins. Dr Hoffe 1 minute covid "vacccine" reality. James Roguski's international support for Ontario's struggle.

Includes July 10th 2023 updates

Dr Charles Hoffe 1 minute covid "vacccine" reality. James Roguski's international support for Ontario's struggle. Details for attending CPSO/Trozzi spectacle starting today.

The CPSO is weaponized against the people of Ontario and all the good doctors who have served  us ethically and truthfully through the covid era; often at great personal sacrifice.

The CPSO’s agenda denies Ontarians access to trustworthy physicians; rather, it places their lives only in the hands of physicians who will follow orders, process people, and violate human rights, ethics and science, right down to committing assault with coerced misrepresented injections. The WHO is planning 500 new genetic “vaccines” for everone by 2030, so this is a persistently dangerous situation.  

Today is the first day of the CPSO vs Trozzi “hearing”, which is perversely presided over by the CPSO. It starts at 9 a.m. You can receive a link to witness this spectacle by emailing a request for a link to: [email protected]

We are witnessing an unrepentant CPSO continuing to persecute all good doctors who have protected people by discussing and criticizing the misrepresented forced covid injections.

How to get around bug with Tribunal auto-reply email for hearing link

Here in 1 minute Dr Charles Hoffe shows how right we have been from the start, and how guilty the CPSO continues to be.

Lastly, here is a short Bright Light News interview with Dr Trozzi held the night before these hearings begin.

"July 10, 2023 update regarding the hearing schedule"

The spectacle of the Dr Trozzi verses CPSO hearing resumes Tuesday July 11th at 9 a.m. with Dr Paul Alexander testifying. I face charges for warning you and sharing science and thoughts that oppose the last three years of fraud and crimes against humanity committed in the names of “covid and our health”. You may recall in the last days of the hearing, the CPSO spent two entire days verbally abusing our expert witness Deanna McLeod, and ran up a twenty thousand dollar bill before one of the panelists quit, and the remaining panelists disqualified her, even though she is one of the most credible clinical trial analysts in our country. They sure do not want to have an open scientific discussion.

Tomorrow July 11th at 9 a.m. we will try once again to get through the CPSO stone wall against honest science. Dr Paul Alexander PhD is scheduled to testify and face the abusive CPSO legal team. Dr Peter McCullough is scheduled to testify the following day on Wednesday July 12th at 1 PM ET. They will face the same anti-science, anti-free speech CPSO legal team. We hope they will fail to completely muzzle Dr Alexander and Dr McCullough, so that they may enlighten the panel on many truths about covid-19, the mandates, and the injections. Following these attempts to bring honest science into the CPSO arena, oral submissions in this spectacle will happen next Monday July 17th starting at 9 A.M. ET.

You are supposed to be able to receive a link to witness this spectacle by emailing a request for a link to: [email protected]

You have to send a separate email for each day that you wish to receive a link to watch. In the last days of the hearing the expected crowd of 17000 observers based on prior hearings was kept down to 200 hundred; many people did not receive links or received links that did not work. I do not think the CPSO wants you to see what they are doing. The solution to some of the technical obstacles which people encountered is covered in the video near the top of this page.

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