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Dr Trozzi versus CPSO | The next steps in the fight

Video message and press release regarding the Dr Trozzi vs CPSO hearings next week, and Justice For Medicine

Thanks for watching and sharing this video message from myself regarding our next steps in the fight against the CPSO. This is a fight to restore health care, human rights, and the rule of law. Medical institutions have been weaponized against the people. The vast majority of doctors have been muzzled and coerrced by the CPSO into participating in the covid-crimes-against-humanity. This continues to present enormous risk for everyone’s health and well being; especially as we know that further medical atrocities are being planned and implemented by the WHO and their controllers. We need to restore ethical doctors’ licenses, and protect all innocent men, women, and children.

Details regarding how to attend and witness the CPSO vs Dr Trozzi hearing June 13-16, 19-20, and July 17 will be added to this page in the next days, and included in the our newsletter. The hearing schedule is: opening submissions on June 13th; expert witness testimonies from June 13th to 16th, 19th,and 20th; and final legal arguments July 17th. Our expert witnesses will include Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Paul Alexander, and Deanna McLeod.

To attend the virtual proceedings, send an email to [email protected] to request links to view the hearings online.  You will need to request a separate link for each day of the hearings.  They will make it very tedious with hopes that no one will attend and to avoid witnesses to the virtual meetings. You might write: “Dear College of Physicians,  Please send me whatever link(s) are needed to enable me to view the hearings regarding the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario v. Trozzi.” 



Press Release

Toronto, June 6, 2023

LAUNCH OF JUSTICE FOR MEDICINE: http://www.justiceformedicine.com/

Litigationworks is pleased to announce the creation of Justice for Medicine, a new initiative aimed at raising funds and awareness in connection with the on-going defence of Drs. Mark Trozzi, Patrick Phillips and Crystal Luchkiw before the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the provincial government’s Covid-19 enforcement body.

Much is at stake for doctors and patients, and indeed, all Canadians, in these three seminal cases. Our doctors are fighting for the fundamental rights that define us a free and democratic society:

  • the right to make sound medical choices without state interference based on the principle informed consent;
  • the right to freedom of expression in all matters, and particularly in those relating to medicine and public health;
  • the right to be free from state investigations and prosecutions that are not founded on reasonable and probable grounds (“probable cause”);

J4M is seeking public support to defend our doctors and their patients because their fate is intimately bound to the enjoyment of the rights and liberties guaranteed to everyone under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  

The J4M site provides a meeting place where everyone can get insider updates on the latest developments in our continuing defence efforts. It will also provide cutting-edge information combating the one-sided narrative around Covid-19 favoured by Western governments and mainstream media. This includes access to the latest articles, speeches and alt-media interviews featuring the doctors and their professional allies in Canada and around the world.

Currently, Dr. Luchkiw is waiting for the College’s decision in her discipline hearing, which was held in mid-May. In a related action, she is also seeking leave to appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal to challenge the College’s outrageous efforts to prosecute her without any evidence of patient harm and without meeting the most basic legal requirements for conducting a legitimate investigation.

In Dr. Trozzi’s case, expert witnesses on both sides will be heard during discipline hearings at the College from June 13th-16th and 19th-20th; on July 17th, the parties will make their final legal arguments. Dr. Trozzi will also be challenging the College’s flagrant disregard of the need to establish reasonable and probable grounds before initiating an investigation; and, most importantly, he will be defending the right to speak freely in all matters of public concern, as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In the course of his defence, he will make Canadian legal history by advancing a new basis for the defence of freedom of expression under the Charter.

Dr. Phillips recently entered a plea of no contest in his own case, in part, so that resources can be devoted to the defence of first principles in the Luchkiw and Trozzi cases. However, in doing so, he has preserved the right to re-apply for his licence should the College Tribunal or the Ontario courts render a judgment in favour of his colleagues.

For media inquiries, please contact Michael Alexander by cell at 416-318-4512 and by e-mail at [email protected].

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To support and follow the fight to restore patient rights and health care in Ontario and Canada https://justiceformedicine.com/

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  1. The root behind all of this is a council of seven men – the seven dwarfs.
    They determine which country rises, which country falls, & which country prospers. This information was given to Dr Rima Laibow in 2002 by one of her patients who was a a crowned monarch.
    The WHO, WEF UN & Bilderburg groups are front organisations for this council of seven.

  2. Hello Mark, I just wrote to https://justiceformedicine.com/

    Your mission statement reads in part…. “Our mission is to restore them (rights and freedoms) by making principled arguments before regulatory tribunals and the courts based on the common law, administrative law, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the first principles of liberal democratic government. ” Why did you omit the Canadian Bill of Rights (1960) which remains in force and has been used with great success since the charter inception. Are the law bars in our land colluding with tyrannical entities to destroy our rights through court rules biased towards a deffective rights charter in order to control the outcome of the legal process that destroy of parliamentary democracy??? … AC

  3. God will be with you. This college will be flipped as evil never wins. My prayers are with you. The courts of heaven are watching. Those are the judges the college needs to fear.

  4. Thank you so so much for standing up to the criminal CPSO. I know it must be extremely hard psychologically and financially. I don’t live in Ontario now, but did grow up there.

  5. The irony in all of this is that the Govt has already admitted in Court that there was no scientific evidence to justify the travel ban for the “unvaccinated”. Court Documents from the ArriveCAN Case are available to the Public. So doctors who gave out exemptions letters were not endangering anyone since the shots do not stop transmission, by the Govt own admission.

    The Lawyer who represented the challengers to the Govt Travel Mandates in the ArriveCAN Case is Bruce Pardy. Pardy is interviewed here by Greg Hill from Free to Fly –



    Free to Fly hosts Lawyer Bruce Pardy, to discuss the travel mandate decision, appeals, any silver linings, and the state of our judiciary moving forward.

    Bruce Pardy and Rights Probe: https://www.rightsprobe.org/about
    Rupa Subramanya’s Article: https://www.commonsense.news/p/court-documents-reveal-canadas-travel
    Gred Hill heads up Free to Fly – http://www.FreetoFly.ca

  6. I will be praying for you and the other doctors, Dr. Trozzi. Having heard recently of a chiropractor in Alberta who had scads of evidence against mask wearing (he refused to wear one and told his patients they did not need to wear one if they didn’t want to), but in the court; they did not want to see or hear any evidence supporting the chiropractor’s claim. They said he disobeyed orders of the college – full stop – guilty – and now he is just waiting to hear what his punishment will be. God bless each and every one of you. Sadly, I don’t have a lot of faith in the hearings either, and as you said previously – Canada is no longer Canada – we are ruled by foreign entities. I am so sad for Dr. Phillips – all of you are my heroes. We need to unite and separate from this corrupt government. NONE of the politician, I don’t care which party they represent (meant to falsely give us the belief we have choices to make), they are ALL corrupted.

    1. I second your comment 100%. The so called ‘western countries’ have been infiltrated by unelected organizations like WEF, WHO and UN.
      Canada is not the country, it is experimental colony, like UK, USA, NZ, Australia and EU. Each place progresses with different speed but it all leads to the same end goal.

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