Halma, Plothe & Trozzi | mRNA harms and DNA contamination

A WCH Health Science Committee Special Report

Before covid-19 there was scant human research for mRNA “vaccines”, but terrible results. Also, classical (non-genetic) coronavirus vaccine experiments revealed grave danger and poor performance in animals and humans. Now large amounts of intact DNA have been found in the supposed “mRNA” Pfizer and Moderna shots. Things go from bad to worse.

Matthew Halma MSc
Dr Tess Lawrie MD
Dr Jessica Rose PhD

Matthew Halma is a young Canadian scientist from Alberta, who is making major contributions to meaningful science and helping untangle the covid disaster. Along with veteran trust-worthy health scientists Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Jessica Rose, Halma recently published a peer reviewed study that looked at pre-covid mRNA experimentation and prior coronavirus classical vaccine research. You’ll be angered to learn that there were only ever 285 humans ever studied with mRNA “vaccines” for infections; and the results were terrible. The paper also exposes a similarly alarming history of experimentation with classic (non-genetic) vaccines for coronaviruses in animals and humans. It makes no sense that these mRNA coronavirus “vaccines” were fast tracked and essentially forced on the human population (until one considers mal-intent and criminality).

Please consider a few things. First, that prior experimentation on coronavirus vaccines and mRNA “vaccines” alone should have deterred from the “fast-tracked” covid genetic injections. Second, medical ethics and laws regarding medical experimentation should have prevented any of the forced and coerced imposition of these injections on the global population. Third, the dramatic adverse events and mortality data that follows the injections, should have resulted in an immediate halt to the injections long ago. Fourth, recent findings of large quantities of DNA in the supposedly mRNA injections, is another red line crossed. The shots must be halted everywhere, and the criminals who produce and promote them must be prosecuted.

On May 1st, 2023 in a WCH Health Science Committee special report, Matthew Halma reported on “The Novelty of mRNA Viral Vaccines and their Potential Harms” (first 17 minutes). Then my fellow WCH Steering Committee member Christof Plothe and I discuss the recent discovery of large quantities of artificial DNA found in the supposedly “just mRNA” covid-19 “vaccines” from Pfizer and Moderna. The genetic sequences found and their implications are of grave concern.

mRNA Harms: A WCH Health Science Committee Special Report

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