Dr Patrick Phillips Reports From Brussels

Dr Trozzi in conversation with Dr Phillips shortly after he and a global team of experts left the European Parliament.

Dr Patrick Phillips is one of my absolute favourite physicians and Canadians. Since the launch of covid, many doctors have been led astray. As a result, unprecedented numbers of people have suffered and died; but Dr Phillips has maintained his head, heart, ethics, and scientific integrity, and saved many lives with truthful  information.

Dr Phillips and a robust delegation of Canadians and other experts from around the world are currently in Brussels. They are there to strategize for our dignified survival, speak to the European Parliament, and hold a public press conference.

I am currently very occupied with other elements of the truth and freedom mission, and in the end , I was unable to travel to Brussels; however I was grateful to connect with Dr Phillips shortly after he left the European Parliament, and record this conversation.

We discussed the events in Brussels; our work to restore health care for Canadians; the ruthless weaponized colleges of physicians and surgeons’ roles in the covid-crimes-against-humanity in Canada; our hopes and plans for justice; Canada’s current National Citizens Inquiry hearings; some most recent revelations about the covid-bioweapon injections; more wicked plans from the global predators; spiritual insights to help us navigate these dystopian times; and more.

To support Dr Patrick Phillips´ legal battle for Canadians against the CPSO click here.

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  1. Thank you so very much for all you do !!
    Father God told me to cut up my OHIP card in a hundred pieces 2 years ago–and I have told Him if you do not heal me I won’t be healed –I will never go to a hospital –I have not been to a doctor –optometrist or dentist in almost 7 years –what I would like to know is there a way to remove all my data from the system ? I do have back pain issues –but do not take any meds for it . I used to take a 500 g coded aspirin occasionally –when I made that statement to Father God –a week or so later I just decided to not take that anymore –I thought it was just my idea –but now realize it was His leading Once I stopped the aspirin –I did not have any bleeding from my rectum and my digestive and intestinal issues are completely healed . So it was the aspirin causing all of that .sorry for the long comment –but if all this is not stopped I do not want to be in their system —Thanks again Judy Watt

  2. True medicine is a combination of naturopathic, homeopathic, functional and allopathic medicines. One of the few very good things to come forward in this crisis is the vindication of the so called “anti-vaxxers” and the “unvaccinated”. Calling someone either of these 2 names was akin to calling someone a “heretic”. It was something out of the medieval period. The other areas of medicine will have a far better chance of coming forward now. There are doctors who practice a combination of any of the above listed branches of medicine which is legal in Ontario. It was Dr. Benjamin Rush who first articulated the deliberate separation of the other branches of medicine from allopathic medicine. He was America’s first Surgeon General and the only doctor to sign the Declaration of Independence. He was responsible for the inclusion of freedom of religion in the American Constitution and vociferously advocated for freedom of medicine and was denied. He said in 1776 “the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship”. The AMA was founded in 1839 and immediately started to ostracize homeopathic doctors from its ranks. – Info on Dr. Rush is from “Death by Diet” by Robert R. Barefoot

  3. I am afraid that “dogs bark (we who fight for justice and truth) but caravan (perpetrators big and small) moves forward uninterrupted”.
    Nazis had lost, but only handful of them got what they deserved for.
    Communism collapsed behind the Iron Curtain, but majority of red criminals like Jaruzelski in Poland continued their lives as if nothing had happened (with exception of Nicolae Ceaușescu).

  4. Dr. Trozzi,
    That you for all your initiatives; I’ve been following you since the start of the madness.
    A critical need I have and all awake Canadians have is to find a GP outside of the corrupt cabal of our public health “authorities. We all understand there is a financial cost for this, but we realize we cannot wait for our “universal health care” to cover this. Is there any hope, or must we all simply continue with our own well-researched but, sadly, 100% self-directed, health care? I would strongly support the option for even an online-only connection for an awake GP.
    Donating to your cause now!

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