Dr Patrick Phillips Reports From Brussels

Dr Patrick Phillips

Dr Trozzi in conversation with Dr Phillips shortly after he and a global team of experts left the European Parliament.

Dr Patrick Phillips is one of my absolute favourite physicians and Canadians. Since the launch of covid, many doctors have been led astray. As a result, unprecedented numbers of people have suffered and died; but Dr Phillips has maintained his head, heart, ethics, and scientific integrity, and saved many lives with truthful  information.

Dr Phillips and a robust delegation of Canadians and other experts from around the world are currently in Brussels. They are there to strategize for our dignified survival, speak to the European Parliament, and hold a public press conference.

I am currently very occupied with other elements of the truth and freedom mission, and in the end , I was unable to travel to Brussels; however I was grateful to connect with Dr Phillips shortly after he left the European Parliament, and record this conversation.

We discussed the events in Brussels; our work to restore health care for Canadians; the ruthless weaponized colleges of physicians and surgeons’ roles in the covid-crimes-against-humanity in Canada; our hopes and plans for justice; Canada’s current National Citizens Inquiry hearings; some most recent revelations about the covid-bioweapon injections; more wicked plans from the global predators; spiritual insights to help us navigate these dystopian times; and more.

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