Dr Patrick Phillips Exposing and Ending the WHO

I regard Dr Patrick Phillips as one of the most ethically and scientifically virtuous medical doctor in Ontario.

“A Nefarious Organization With Hands in So Many Tragedies”

I regard Dr Patrick Phillips as one of the most ethically and scientifically virtuous medical doctor in Ontario. He has been meticulous  since the beginning of covid.

I was greatly honored to join Dr Phillips, Dr Byram Bridle, and veteran journalist Rodney Palmer on January 28th in Hamilton. We were hosted by Glen Jung and Bright Light News. Bright high-energy freedom and truth lovers packed the Zoetic Theater.

Each of us made a presentation, before we had a panel discussion with questions from the audience.

Here is the first instalment from that great evening. It is Dr Phillips very important presentation regarding  imminent threats that the WHO present to our health and our freedom.

“Know thy enemy”.  Dr Phillips makes that easy as he exposes the weaponized WHO, and their wicked plans and power grabs. These include the International Health Regulations Amendments, and the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. The details should have all of us, not just awake, but standing in the current fight for our lives.

2 Minute Trailer


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