20 Million Covid “Vaccine” Deaths Globally So Far

“Be worried. Be very worried,” comes the stern warning from Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MD, pathologist, on the state of medicine in Canada.

Medical Colleges Are Out Of Control, and other profound insights -Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Michael Alexander with Bright Light News

Thanks Glen Jung and Bright Light News for this powerful and important interview.

Full Interview with Glen Jung and Bright Light News

As medical colleges across the country continue to investigate and suspend ethical doctors that did not turn their backs on patients and their right to informed consent and requests (e.g., for vaccine and mask exemptions, effective early treatment, like Ivermectin, and submission of adverse events reports), Michael Alexander, counsel for several affected Canadian doctors, continues to challenge the overreach of the medical colleges, based on policy recommendations and suggestions not grounded in the rule of law, to protect both physicians and patients.

“When [governments] start telling your doctor what you can do in that private consulting room, that’s a radical change in medicine,” warns Dr. Hodkinson. A change that has consequences for every Canadian.

-By Glen Jung / February 9, 2023

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