Big Pharma’s Future Part 5 | Dr Rob Verkerk

Ten big reasons why it is the beginning of the end for "Big Pharma"

From the Better Way conference on September 17th in Vienna, Austria. This was hosted by We Show Our Faces and co-sponsored by the World Council for Health.

About the Video

Here is the last instalment of the five part Vienna series on what the future of “big pharma” should be. Dr Rob Verkerk is the founder of ANH International. For forty years he has been researching and promoting natural health and sustainable ecosytems. In that process he has experienced and fought against the corruption and destructiveness of both the pesticide and pharmacology industries.

Dr Verkerk’s presentation is rich with well earned insights into the biology, business, fraud and corruption. Big pharma partner with small biotech companies, control many politicians and bureaucrats. They use humanity as guinea pigs, even going so far as the current gene modifying covid-19 injections being misrepresented as “vaccines” and forced upon the world’s populations.

Dr Verkerk explains how big pharma is: disease-centric; corrupt, fraudulent, and criminal; deceptive; expensive ; ineffective; dangerous; foreign and contrary to nature; polluting; abusive; and disempowering.