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Big Pharma’s Future Part 5 | Dr Rob Verkerk

Ten big reasons why it is the beginning of the end for “Big Pharma” From the Better Way conference on September 17th in Vienna, Austria. This was hosted by We Show Our Faces and co-sponsored by the World Council for Health.

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Doctors Verkerk and Trozzi: Why Use Excess Mortality?

Though tragically impressive, adverse events reporting systems are all varying degrees of under-estimates. Canada is an extreme case; hence the importance of utilizing excess mortality data to reveal the obvious. Most adverse events reporting systems in the world reveal dramatic

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Iron Will | Cancer Beyond Survival

Extremely fit 57 y.o. cancer survivor Iron Will, shares his philosophy, practice, and advice for survival, health and fitness. I promised at the start of the New Year, to occasionally step outside of my covid truth and justice mission, to

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UK Data Shows: The Bioweapon is Working

An important visual: one table tells the story The bioweapons are working. UK data shows dramatically accelerated dying in all age groups since the middle of 2022. The SARS CoV2 virus pandemic agenda was rolled out in early 2020. However,

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Dr Trozzi | Big Pharma’s Future | Part 1

Dr Trozzi introduces Panel 5 of the Better Way Conference in Vienna, and speakers Dr Cosford, Dr Guetzkow, Dr Vanden Bossche, and Dr Verkerk On Sept 17, 2022, at the Better Way Conference in Vienna, Austria, I was honored to host

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