Mark Sexton former policeman | Citizens Enforce the Law

When the governments and institutions fail in their duties and are under criminal control; doctors, police, and other must maintain our oaths despite persecution. All men and women have a right and duty to uphold the law.

Doctors take an oath; so do police. 

Doctors swear an oath upon entering the practice of medicine. However, currently many governments and medical regulators participate devotedly in the covid crimes against humanity. They pressure doctors into being genetically injected and joining in the crimes. They threaten and attack our careers and livelihood if we do not. Physicians who comply with the unlawful covid agenda are defiling their oath, and participating in the covid crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, many ethical doctors who maintain our oaths, are serving and protecting the public independently, as free men and women, acting lawfully to protect our fellow humans.

Police also take an oath upon entering their profession. It generally includes upholding the rule of law, human rights, and the constitution which in Canada includes the Canadian Charter of Rights.

Like the doctors, many police have been coerced and manipulated not only into being genetically injected, but also into enforcing unlawful mandates. That means they also  now exist and act in contradiction to their oaths. Similar to the ethical doctors, many ethical police now serve us independently as free men and women to maintain their oaths to  “ensure the safety of their  community and the preservation of human life.”

Mark Sexton is a fine example of one such policeman. This UK “former” police officer works tirelessly to uphold the law and stop the covid crimes against humanity. He is a great role model for us all, especially police. Here we see Mark Sexton in action upholding the law and defending fellow men and women at a “vaccine” center where the highly toxic and misrepresented covid-19 genetic substances are injected daily into unsuspecting and coerced men, women, and children.

This is a fine example for us all. Mark Sexton and his small team demonstrate how this is done, properly, respectfully, lawfully and effectively.

Here is the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor of the International Association of Chiefs of Police:

Important Organizations of Police who are maintaining their oaths, upholding the law, and protecting us all:

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