History of Justice: Mussolini

While we have endured the covid-crimes-against-humanity, some intensely dark political figures have arisen. These are the new dictators; enemies of the people, enemies of human rights and freedom. Crime Minister Trudeau has become famous around the world as a human rights abuser: he is   decadent on taxpayer money, out of touch, technically unqualified , and corrupt. He has… Continue reading History of Justice: Mussolini

Covid “Vaccine” Tragedy in India

The statistics of death and harm from the forced covid injections is staggering. Yet every single individual tragedy within those statistics, is a precious life lost, a family left grieving, a whole in a lover’s heart. Here a father shares the story of his daughter’s death by coerced injection and neglect. Karunya was 20 years… Continue reading Covid “Vaccine” Tragedy in India