Covid “Vaccine” Tragedy in India

The statistics of death and harm from the forced covid injections is staggering. Yet every single individual tragedy within those statistics, is a precious life lost, a family left grieving, a whole in a lover’s heart.

Here a father shares the story of his daughter’s death by coerced injection and neglect.

Karunya was 20 years old when she was killed by injection. This healthy and intelligent youth  died three weeks after taking the first Astrazenica Covishield injection. Our friend Chanda met the bereaved family in Coimbatore – her mother Suzini, father Venugopalan Govindan and younger brother Kartik. She was not only a bright and vivacious live wire of the family, Carnatic music vocalist, Veena and Tabla player, she was also a critical thinker. The last book she had read was ‘1984’ as her mother showed me passages she had underlined.

Here is an interview by Chanda Vikash of GAIA with her father, in Coimbatore, in January earlier this year.

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