Tamara Lich Out of Prison, but not Free

Tamara Lich update

Canadian Human Rights Activist has been physically unshackled and released from prison, but Trudeau's long legs and boots continue stomping on her rights.

Tamara Lich, co-organizer of Ottawa protests, released on ...
Tamara Lich

In close timing to our March 7 post about one of Trudeau’s political prisoners Tamara Lich, we received the news that she has been released from prison, but with severe limits on her Charter Rights and Freedoms.

Here are some of her “bail conditions”: she is ordered to leave Ottawa within 24 hours, leave Ontario within 72 hours, report to police, reside as directed, have no contact with “co-accused” (other peaceful human rights activists), no social media, no protesting covid, *surety to monitor devices[1]*, to attend court, and not to attend Ontario except for court and meetings with counsel.

In short: Tamara Lich stood for all our human rights as per the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Crime-minister Trudeau and his regime orchestrated a violent crackdown on the peaceful protest, seized people’s bank accounts, stole millions of dollars of donations made in support of human rights, arrested many people including Tamara, and launched an extensive campaign to persecute all involved in or supporting the peaceful lawful protests. Tamara was locked up for more than two weeks, led around in leg shackles, and now she is released on bail with conditions that deny her almost every human right (or “Charter Rights and Freedoms”) ; including freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and freedom of peaceful protest.

We should not swallow this friends. Canadian human rights champion Tamara Lich was locked up for weeks and shackled, and now is “released” but with severe restrictions on her inalienable God given rights. Meanwhile Trudeau, Freeland, and the rest of the Canadian federally embedded division of hostile foreign actors including WEF and WHO continue unrepentant and unpunished. They remain committed to the covid agenda, forced dangerous injections, and other acts of treason and crimes against humanity.

Tamara and Canada's Freedom Convoy continues to inspire the world

We are very happy to see Tamara reunited with her family. We send our thanksĀ and prayers. Her activism has inspired the world, and many now carry the torch she helped light.

*[1] The surety company may require one to wear a GPS ankle monitoring device as a condition of the bail bond release. The majority of surety companies request additional security in the form of a GPS monitoring device before approval of larger bail amounts.*