Tamara Lich now a prisoner of the foul Trudeau Regime. Why?

Crime-Minister Trudeau has still not been arrested; but peaceful protester Tamara Lich continues imprisoned and has appeared in court in leg shackles to be denied bail.

What has happened to one of our heroes from the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy, human rights activist Tamara Lich? She devoted herself to the largest and most peaceful protest in Canadian History.   

Brian Peckford (Right) & Tamara Lich (Left)
Brian Peckford (Right) & Tamara Lich (Left)

Please recall Tamara Lich held a press conference along side the last living author of the Canadian Charter of RIghts and Freedoms, the very honorable Brian Peckford.

While Tamara and Peckford were defending our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Trudeau and his master, Klaus Schwab, were metaphorically micturating on this sacred Canadian document; Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act, and found goons willing to put on police uniforms, assault peaceful lawful protesters, obstruct our lawful rights to assembly and protest, and arrest many innocents including Tamara Lich.

Tamara Lich under arrest

In Canada, even murderers and drug dealers generally get bail, and can be released pending their trial.

But Tamara Lich, charged with “mischief” remains incarcerated more than two weeks since her arrest. She has appeared in court twice seeking bail. On one of these occasions she was led into the court with her legs shackled! Prisoners in leg shackles is almost never seen in Canada, even with violent criminals.

How perverse is Canada currently?

We have a sitting Crime-Minister who is a serial groper of women, has worn black face more times than he can remember, and has interfered with the criminal investigation of SNC Lavalin for a long list of crimes including bribery and prostituting young women to a foreign dictator. His brief stent as a private school teacher warrants investigation, and most recently Trudeau promoted hatred on TV against anyone refusing the death-shot. Thousands of criminal complaints were made against Trudeau by Canadians, but nothing has happened to him.

It appears now that there is no true rule of law in Canada; the courts and police have become tools for this crime-minister to dictate and abuse. Is this a failed state?

Meanwhile, a law-abiding woman, who stood side by side with the author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and devoted herself to Canada’s greatest and most peaceful protest in defense of human rights, is dragged into courtrooms in shackles, and denied bail.

If the courts, prosecutors and police will not correct this gross injustice; then this current human rights crisis combined with covid-crimes-against-humanity and treason, require the military to take control and return the rule of law to our country. Failing that, we are left with the essence of self defense, natural law, and the hope that some government somewhere is taking serious action against the global criminal cabal, including its Canadian operatives.

Our rights are inalienable. We pray for peace and the rule of law; calling upon our police, judiciary, and military to fulfill your oaths, defend the people, and uphold our highest laws.

We do not submit. Tamara Lich is a hero and inspiration.

Dr Trozzi speech from the Freedom Convoy

We will not abandon Tamara Lich

We honor and thank you Tamara. We will not forget you and will help ensure you are freed.  You have helped inspire people around the world; the Freedom Convoy is now a global movement of people standing up for our rights. Here is Canadian truth teller Dr Paul Alexander PhD on tour with the US Freedom Truckers Convoy.