The new Biofreedoms Accord to take back our world

The Bio-freedom Accords Initiative

Strengthening and uniting the world's legal experts who fight for human rights and dignity.

A growing multinational group of lawyers are working together to empower each other in the current fight against medical tyranny, and to fix the world’s broken medical legal system.

The Biofreedoms Accord Initiative has two elements:

  1. first creating a massive easy to search international data base of  legal materials, to empower and unite experts globally;
  2. and second to create a new medical legal framework for the 21st century. The old one is clearly broken.

The data base is in its beta stage, and working. It is ready for legal experts to easily search and find key legal cases and decisions, as well as upload theirs and help build the data base.  

Essentially, the most critical aspect of this operation right now is to get as many lawyers and legal activists involved, befitting, and building together. Our great mission, and our individual efficiency and effectiveness, will benefit from this growing sustainable flow of legal documents. United our legal experts can create an international network powerhouse, where the information flows easily .

Please share this resource with all lawyers, legal experts and legal activists in the covid truth and justice movement.

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