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Jody Ledgerwood guide to stay free amidst Covid tyranny.

"Stand in your square, know the law, and educate them" - Jody Ledgerwood

Here is cell phone footage of Jody and friends dining in the Toronto Eaton Center food court. This is their right. Security and Police arrive to enforce completely illegitimate and illegal mandates that demand people show covid-“vaccine” papers. What follows is enlightening for the police as well as us. It’s a happy ending.

Uninjected Teacher Deanna Gontard defends her rights and keeps her job

Thanks to genuine investigative journalist Will Dove of Strong and Free Canada for this excellent interview with Jody Ledgerwood and Deanna Gontard. Deanna is a teacher who kept her job by knowing and defending her rights. She refused to be injected with the so-called covid ”vaccine”,  or to disclose personal medical information, namely her “vaccine” status. When they tried to put her on unpaid leave she successfully kept her job by knowing and standing up for her rights. She was assisted by our featured Canadian human rights leader Jody Ledgerwood. For more on this story, please visit Canada Strong and Free.

Jody Ledgerwood's start up guide to defend your rights

You too can live free. Jody Ledgerwood and Game On Canada have provided great legal educational resources and guides, so we can maintain our rights and uphold the proper rule of law in our country. These include this excellent “Know Your Rights Quick Summary”:

Game on Canada

Parents please take advantage of the work of Game On Canada. Children have been severely abused by the criminal covid enterprise. They have been damaged by face muzzles, closures of schools, parks, and sports, the lie that they are all dangerous disease spreaders who will kill their grandmother with a hug, and recently coerced deadly injections. Game On Canada provide recreation, sports, social opportunities, and some sense of normalcy to Canadian children.

To donate directly to Jody’s team’s “Know Your Rights” Initiative, you can e-transfer to: jledgerwood@nhrealty.ca

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Take Action Canada

Take Action Canada

Congratulations Canada! Our quest is easier thanks to Take Action Canada. TAC informs and facilitates an awakened public to restore sanity and co-create a fair, intelligent, and kind future. Take advantage of their resources, which includes videos, articles, easy petition links, step by step action guides, and much more. Please consider utilizing their toolkits to help liberate our society.

World Council for Health

World Council for Health

Good health is everyone’s right. We work to ensure it by advocating on your behalf and bringing the best of global health and science research to you. Empowering individuals to optimize their own health contributes most to public health. We do that by giving families objective and common-sense resources curated by frontline doctors, nurses, clinical researchers, and science and medicine journalists.

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Canada Health Alliance

CHA is an organization of healthcare professionals who have come together to improve the current medical system and the well-being of all Canadians. Physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, nurses, dentists and other practitioners have created a network for optimum health through education, scientific inquiry and open discourse. Our mission is a new paradigm that supports informed choice by patients and collaboration among healthcare professionals.

Strong & Free Canada

Strong & Free Canada

Strong and Free Canada is a grass roots organization dedicated to recovering our rights and freedoms, providing factual data and expert testimony on Covid and government overreach, and to lobbying our governments at all levels to return and respect our rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights.


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