VAERS Mass Murder Update and Sad Details of Children Killed

The Death-by-injection statistics are staggering. The murdered children are real.

The choice of words in this article are not hyperbolic, just realistic.

Data shows unprecedented death and carnage from the forced and coerced covid injection campaigns. Here is some of the Dec 17, 2021 updated data from the US VAERS system. It is tragically impressive, even though it only represents a small fraction of the death and harm inflicted with these injections. Most adverse events and deaths go unreported and uncounted; so the real numbers are much higher.

It is hard to believe that the criminal covid enterprise has kept this death campaign going so long;  that only very recently the criminality of this has been officially declared, and we have had to persist until now to see  prosecutions begin (more to come on that in the days ahead).

Here show the VAERS data table, and then the Covid Vaxx deaths vs all others image.

*Note that the total number of deaths associated with the COVID-19 "vaccines" is more than double the number of deaths associated with all other vaccines combined since the year 1990.

VAERS data image sources:

Notice that over the past thirty years, there have typically been around 300 vaccine related deaths reported  per year. In just under one year, these injections have produced 20,471 reported deaths!

Children are among the murder victims:

Especially tragic is the killing of young people with these criminally administered injections. Young people have a statistical zero risk of serious disease or death from covid, but they sure are being killed with these injections that are  forced and coerced upon them.

Here we will review just twelve of the many VAERS cases of children and teenagers killed with these injections. We do not know them, their names, or their families; so we can not tell you about the children, their personalities, talents, dreams and stories. Nor can we tell you the specific details of their families’ sadness , and the holes left in their hearts and lives.

However, here  we will share, in plain language, some of the medical details of how they suffered and died following  the injections.  With each of them appears  the links for you to look at their personal raw VAERS report. This particular group all died with the Pfizer injection, but the other injections are deadly also.

This VAERS data  was sourced here:

  1. This 13 year girl died 16 days after the coerced Pfizer injection with inflamed heart and brain, abnormal heart rhythm (torsades de point/QT prolongation), seizures, pancreatitis, new diabetes, Guillain-Barre and much more:   
  2. This 17 year old girl, became very ill and was diagnosed with new diabetes 33 days after Pfizer injection; she died 2 days later. 
  3. Giving these injections to anyone is a crime, but extra mistakes of negligence were made that killed this 17 year old girl.  She  had already recovered from mild covid and thus had great immunity; even if there were good vaccines available (which there are not), she would have had no use for one.  We know that adverse events of these injections are worse in people who have already caught  covid and recovered naturally as  99.7 % of people do. Naturally recovered people have excellent immunity, but are more prone to severe harm from these injections. Sadly, this girl was still given the so-called “vaccine” and died 38 days later in hospital with inflamed heart, abnormal heart rhythm (torsades de pointe/ QT prolongation), seizures and more.  
  4. This 15 year old girl, became ill within the day after the so-called “vaccine”. She died on the 27th day. Diagnosis included inflamed heart and brain, abnormal heart rhythm (torsades de point/QT prolongation), seizures, Guillain-Barre, and sadly much more: 
  5. This 13 year old boy became severely ill 2 days after the so-called “vaccine” and he died the next day with bleeding, blood clotting, seizures, heart arrythmia, heart failure, and more: 
  6. This 15 year old boy died suddenly 4 days after Pfizer injection: 
  7. This 14 year old boy died 7 days after the so-called “vaccine” with heart failure: 
  8. This 16 year old boy became ill 6 days after the so-called “vaccine” and died on 22nd day with heart inflammation, abnormal rhythm (torsades de pointes/QT prolongation), heart and lung failure, inflamed intestines and more: 
  9. This 17 year old boy became ill 9 days afte the so-called “vaccine” and died on the 17th day. His many damaged organ systems and symptoms included seizures, heart failure, abnormal heart rhythm, Guillain-Barre, and many many more: 
  10. This 15 year old boy died 1 day after the Pfizer injection with a plethora of damaged organs; including inflamed heart and abnormal heart rhythm (torsades de pointes/QT prolongation), new diabetes (pancreatic failure), brain inflammation, seizures, and more:
  11. This 13 year old boy dIed within the same day following the so-called  “vaccine”. His dying involved an abnormal heart rhythm (torsade de pointe/QT prolongation) and circulatory system collapse: 
  12. This 12 year old boy became ill on the day of his Pfizer injection. He died 3 days later with an inflamed heart, seizures and more:  

To understand many of the was in which these injections harm and kill, we offer you this: Covid “Vaccines”; How Dangerous Are They? in both video and article formats.

This war is not over yet. We must remain vigilient. Refuse the forced injections, fight the information war, and protect the children.