Doctors Alexander and Trozzi live tomorrow, and more

Vaccine Choice Canada Nov 4 Live Event

Vaccine Choice Canada hosts live free online events every week with many of the world experts on all things covid including health, science, treatment, criminality, and corruption.

I am very honoured to join Dr Paul Alexander as guest speakers this Thursday November 4th at 7 PM EST. Our conversation will start about the plot to inject small children with the dangerous unwarranted covid injections, but I am sure it will take on a life of its own, and should be informative, and entertaining despite the dark subject we are all facing and fighting against. Please join us and participate. It is a great chance to ask questions and have some dialogue. Register here:

Here is a primer on Dr Alexander’s and my work on the subject of injecting children:

This week’s Vaccine Choice events also include a presentation this evening at 7 PM by Dr Peter Breggin MD. He has thoroughly researched and reported on the global predators running the criminal covid enterprise, and their corruption and crimes against us all. He is the author of the very well researched book “Covid 19 and the Global Predators- We Are the Prey”

You can also register for Dr Breggin’s presentation here:

Dr Alexander's latest article in defense of science and children

Here is the latest article by Canada’s Dr Paul Alexander who continues working tirelessly to inform and protect Canadians and the world:

Here Dr Alexander writes in defense of children who should by no means be covid injected. This article includes discussion of: 

  • Original Antigenic Sin. a subject which we discussed briefly last week
  • the Marek’s Disease effect whereby like many dead chickens in prior research, the un-injected may be at risk from virus’s evolving in the bodies of the injection victims (we will be expanding on this information in the week or so ahead)
  • the real strong natural immunity verses the injection stimulated dangerous pseudo-immunity
  • this quote from virologist and immunologist Dr Brian Malone: “The idea that if you have a workplace where everybody’s vaccinated, you’re not going to have virus spread is totally false … a total lie … the vaccinated are actually the “super-spreaders” that everyone was told about in the beginning of the pandemic.”
  • and Dr Alexander’s powerful concluding statements: ” What is going on here? This certainly is not “about the science.” I challenge any public health official to sit down with me and my scientific colleagues and explain your science. Debate us. Show us what you are looking at to arrive at these very dangerous statements and decisions. We may end up killing many children with these vaccines. In fact, not ‘we’, ‘you’ — Fauci and Walensky and Dr. Francis Collins — may end up killing many of our children. Please stop this insanity, step back and focus on the vulnerable and elderly where there is risk. Leave the children alone!”

Please join Dr Alexander and myself this Thursday:

Lastly, here a few excellent videos we´d like to share today

MEP's stand up for our right to freedom after imposing Digital Green Certificate to enter Parliament

As sure as there are some good and ethical scientists and doctors in the world, there are some great politicians too. Here are a few with their gloves off, defending the people of Europe from the Covid crimes: MEP’s stand up for our right to freedom after imposing Digital Green Certificate to enter Parliament

The Iron Will Report for November 1st, 2021

Strong and Free Canada are one of the best sources of genuine investigative journalism regarding all things covid in Canada. Iron Will exercised one of the best tools we have against authoritarian tyrannies: humor. In his excellent Iron Will Report for November 1st, there is 7 minutes of fact filled tongue in cheek reporting. This includes reference to Dr. Steven Pelech’s laboratory report that 90% of us already have natural immunity to covid-19 (the real immunity that works and is safe).

Video reveals current UK data showing that the so called "vaccines" are a complete failure

This 3-minute video reveals current UK data showing that the so called “vaccines” are a complete failure, and that the injection victims or so-called “vaccinated” are transmitting the virus at the greatest rate, not the “unvaccinated”. So, there is no valid justification for “vaccine” passports.