Original Antigenic Sin – Another Reason to Stop the Shots

How the forced injections can give Covid the evolutionary jump on mankind

Introduction to Original Antigenic Sin

Here we are going to explain the phenomena called “Original Antigenic Sin”. Viruses evolve. That includes coronaviruses. That is why of late we have the very contagious but minimally dangerous Delta Variant. 

A person’s immunity to a family of viruses, is most powerful to the first version or “variant” of it that they encounter. Their immunity to successive viruses in that family that they are exposed to is weaker. If someone’s first exposure to a virus, or one of its antigens via immunization, is of an earlier version of the virus, then their immunity to future versions is less robust and effective.

The natural co-evolution of humans and viruses

Naturally, a child’s first exposure to a virus family such as influenza or coronavirus, will be to the current or latest version of the virus. Hence young people naturally have the best immunity against the youngest or newest version of the virus. Older people’s immune systems are more primed and effective against the older versions that they were exposed to in early life. They are more susceptible to newer versions.

Hence normally, the viruses and the humans evolve side by side, and youngest people become most immune to the latest viruses.

Rarely, an old version (or “variant”) of a virus can come back around many years later, and paradoxically it is the oldest people who have better immunity to this “old-fashion” variant that has returned. The 1957 Influenza pandemic was a case of this, and people in their 70’s had the best immunity to it; because it was one that they were exposed to many years earlier as children.

Valid Criticism

We have related many valid criticisms of the current experimental covid biologic injections being presented as “Covid 19 Vaccines”. These viral genetic injections trigger human cells throughout the victims’ bodies to produce the toxic spike protein of the coronavirus, which in turn trigger the subjects’ immune systems to produce antibodies against these spike proteins. There are many problems with this, which we explained in previous work:


However, this understanding of Original Antigenic Sin presents another serious reason that these shots are causing harm. The covid-19 virus is evolving as do all viruses. People are being injected with genetic experiments, which lead to their bodies producing an immune response to the spike protein production triggered within them. This spike protein is like that of the preceding version of the SARS CoV2 which was launched into the public in late 2019/early 2020. That is now an old version of the virus. It is not the delta variant.

Now the CCE agenda to inject everyone has taken an even darker turn; and children as young as five years old are the new targets. This is either misdirected or evil.


Conclusion: stop interfering with nature

Original Antigenic Sin is another powerful reason to stop these shots, especially in children. If injected, these children will now have their peak immune response to last year’s version of this virus, rather than the current version. This will give the evolving viruses an edge on humans, keeping us one step behind their evolution.

Natural immunity works. Stop the reckless, high-profit interference with nature, including the shots.

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