Viral-Worthy Meme, Science, Italian Oppression, a Noble Judge, and crimes of the CPSA

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Original Antigenic Sin

Here is a brief article by Dr Trozzi explaining “Original Antigenic Sin”; one more reason why the injections are a very bad idea and should be stopped now!


Here we are going to explain the phenomena called “Original Antigenic Sin”. Viruses evolve. That includes coronaviruses. That is why of late we have the very contagious but minimally dangerous Delta Variant. 

A person’s immunity to a family of viruses, is most powerful to the first version or “variant” of it that they encounter. Their immunity to successive viruses in that family that they are exposed to is weaker. If someone’s first exposure to a virus, or one of its antigens via immunization, is of an earlier version of the virus, then their immunity to future versions is less robust and effective.”

A message from the Italian People

Here is a message sent from people in Italy. They are suffering assault on their bodies and violations of their basic human rights.

Message from Italy

Dear Friend,

Italy is under dictatorship.

Starting Oct 15, the government has forced a "green pass" on the people: if you are not vaccinated with 2 doses, you cannot work, you cannot attend universities, no cinemas, spas, gyms, theaters, long-distance trains and more! All this is not about covid, but social control!

We're resisting, people and workers are blocking the harbors (Trieste, Genova, Ravenna, Ancona) and demonstrating in the streets. It's going worse by the hour. They are experimenting these totalitarian restrictions on us, it will come to your country, too if we don't stop them.

Let the world know what the Italian government is doing to its own people! Please don't listen to corrupted mainstream media, we can send you pics and videos with the REAL situation.

Please spread the news!
We need help!
Is this the world you want to live in?

Thank you

A Noble Italian Judge

Angelo Giorgianni stands for the people, and against the Green pass. This is refreshing!

“Today the sovereign people demand justice for all the deaths that they have caused, for deprivations, for our children and for our suffering.” – Angelo Giorgianni

Unethical Conduct of the College Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta

The CPSO are not alone in persecuting ethical well-informed doctors, nor in being accomplices to crimes against humanity. Here are well earned charges against their Alberta cohort, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. Several doctors who wish to remain anonymous because of the CPSA’s veiled threats and lawyers, accuse the CPSA of profound Unethical Conduct including Nuremberg Code violations constituting crimes against humanity. Here is the detailed document.