Confronto tra il 1976 e oggi

Something is very wrong

Comparing the 1976 swine flu vaccine and the so-called covid-19 “vaccines” reveals something very bizarre and disturbing.

To follow and explore the USA Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System data yourself click here:

For more about the so-called covid-19 “vaccines”:


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  1. thank you DR Trozzi and Robert Kennedy for your excellant work i totally support any lawsuit bringing Biden, Trudeau, Fauci, Gates and the other criminals to trial for pre-mediated murder ..we need to execute these murderers to save humanity..thank you

  2. Health Canada deems 400 deaths, and more than 10,000 serious injuries, after receiving COVID vaccine low. That means they acknowledged the deaths linked to the injections and that means that any deaths after this acknowledgement are intentional. People are intentionally killed through a known lethal injection and everyone who participates in this program is committing crimes against humanity. It also means that our agencies who are charged with protecting the citizens against this harm, are captured. They simply ‘pretend’ to be functioning but in reality they do the opposite. How many often does it need repeating before people get it: captured govt. agencies are waging a war against the citizens and the injections are the weapons.

  3. Yes, yes. Even with the VAERS data we wouldn’t go ahead. The OPENVaers much more so. I had to look up the distinction between the two. OpenVaers is based on US gov’t data but is not the raw reporting data (as I’m sure you know, Dr.)

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