Canada’s Original Covid Hero Adam Skelly and New Year’s Eve

Before “vax passes” and the Canadian Truckers’ convoy, there was Adam Skelly and Adamson’s BBQ.

Before “vax passes” and the Canadian Truckers’ convoy, there was Adamson’s BBQ.

Before “vax passes”, and  before the Canadian Truckers’ convoy, there was Adamson’s BBQ. One Canadian man, Adam Skelly, stood against the tyranny. He said “No!” and took on the fight for all of our rights.

Currently the WHO and their accomplices are plotting more viruses, lockdowns, and forced injections. Meanwhile, Skelly and his team are fighting in the Canadian courts to defend our fundamental rights and freedoms.

I’ll be attending and speaking at the Adam Skelly BBQ Rebellion New Year’s Eve Fundraiser in Toronto. Please join us if you can. There is a simultaneous event in Windsor Ontario.

To purchase tickets for New Years Eve please call or text Jody Ledgerwood at 905-269-7653 for Toronto tickets; and call or text Sharon Peters at 519-816-8972 for Windsor tickets.

If you cannot make it to the New Years event, please considering donating any amount directly by e-transfer, to:   

Or to the GiveSendGo hosted by the Concerned Constituents of Canada at: 

Concerned Constituents of Canada is a nonprofit corporation and official sponsor of the Adamson Barbeque vs. Ontario challenge        

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Here is a message directly from The Adam Skelly New Year’s Event Organizers

To Our Freedom Family & Friends,

Before you is an OFFICIAL UPDATE and an invitation to celebrate.  After almost 3 years of fundraising, roadblocks and legal proceedings, the only case the government tried to delay and make disappear, will FINALLY HAVE ITS DAY IN COURT!  The Adamson Barbecue Challenge is scheduled to be heard on October 1st, 2nd, and 7th of 2024!  If you are reading this, it’s because you contributed to and/or supported the cause – OUR CAUSE – to call out the Great Lie and hold this government to account. 

This challenge would have long been dead in the water, had it not been for the incredible determination and conviction of our legal team, the CCOC and the generosity of our Donors, who understood that no other challenge like this – WITH THE EVIDENCE – exists ANYWHERE in North America, possibly the world.  The end of 2022 saw the combined efforts of Windsor/Essex and our friends in the Greater Toronto Area, raising just enough funds to satisfy the court demands and secure a hearing date.     

While we wait for Adam’s case to be heard, the government and the media have ramped up reports of a “new mysterious illness” affecting China and the state of Ohio, and have recently resurrected news of the “swine flu”.  The implication, of course, is that “masks, lockdowns, and new vaccines” are imminent.  We’ve heard this before with Delta, Omicron, Monkeypox etc…  The only way to stop them from completely destroying small businesses, and eventually our sovereignty, is to legally challenge their lies in a court of law WITH THE EVIDENCE.  We have some of the world’s best PhD experts – and they have brought the evidence.  The government cannot touch the evidence.  October 2024 can’t come fast enough. (for more details and updates on the Challenge please visit )

There is much reason to celebrate, my friends!  With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, what better opportunity than to celebrate 2024 together, breaking bread, dancing, and toasting one another on history in the making!   

Join us for our New Year’s Eve Bash and Fundraiser!  It’s going to be a great night with a delicious meal, music, dancing, games, 50/50 draws, midnight snacks, midnight toast etc.    

Tickets must be reserved by December 15th for Windsor and December 20th for Toronto.  Only 200 tickets will be sold for each event. The deadline is fast approaching, so do not delay, order yours today! RSVP to this email or call/text Jody at 905-269-7653 to help fund the ONLY legal challenge calling out The Great Lie that was Covid-19 and the ruinous “pandemic measures” that bankrupted so many businesses and destroyed so many lives.

Stand up now because many other businesses will sadly follow when their government loans (given out during the pandemic) come due.  Adam Skelly and Adamson Barbecue, with the help of the Concerned Constituents of Canada, will fight to the end and hold the government to account with this challenge.

We look forward to being heard in court in 2024.  We hope to see you for New Year’s Eve to celebrate! Please share this with your family and friends.

***All profits from this event will go directly to the Concerned Constituents of Canada – A federally incorporated, non-for-profit corporation, volunteer run and official sponsor of the Adamson Barbecue Challenge – ensuring ALL monies are paid towards having this challenge heard in 11 months***

The Province is fighting hard to break us financially and have the challenge dismissed due to a lack of funding.  We NEED to raise, at a minimum $32,000 for the security of costs motion the Province just won against us and $15,000 for legal fees currently owing to our lawyer, the incredible Ian Perry (who has a proven track record for winning cases in the courts for “pandemic” victims) before January 10th, 2024.

If you cannot make it, please considering donating any amount directly by e-transfer, to:  

Or donate any amount to the GiveSendGo hosted by the Concerned Constituents of Canada at: 

Please consider sharing this message with your sphere of influence.  Let’s get the word out and remind people there is still hope and people still care enough to stand up for them and their children! You are not alone!

Please check out or website for updates and ways you can help donate to the legal challenge.

God bless you and thank you.

Sharon Peters

John Azzopardi

Chris Weisdorf

Jody Ledgerwood

Concerned Constituents of Canada

A federally incorporated, non-for-profit corporation under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.