Hamilton November 25 Event

Saturday November 25th I hope you can join us in Hamilton Ontario.

Michael Alexander, Derek Sloan, Dr Jennifer Hibberd, Dr Chris Shoemaker, and Dr Trozzi

This Saturday November 25th I hope you can join us in Hamilton Ontario. Constitutional Lawyer Michael Alexander, Human Rights activist and former federal MP Derek Sloan, covid truth and freedom leaders Dr Jennider Hibberd and Dr Chris Shoemaker, as well as myself will all be there. We will uplift and encourage each other;  update you on our actions and  strategies to restore ethical nurses and doctors to serving you; explain some of the most recent scientific findings related to the toxic covid genetic injections and strategies to detoxify from them; share international news of the fight to restore human rights and rule of law; and answer your questions on law, politics, and science.

Attendance is free; this is voluntary donation fund-raiser for the David verses Goliath fight against the criminal covid agenda in Ontario and Canada. Please share this post especially with friends, freedom lovers, and coerced-injection injured persons in SW Ontario , Hamilton, or Metropolitan Toronto regions. If you can not attend and still want to support the cause, please donate to this team. For anyone who can not attend but is seeking help with covid genetic “vaccine” injuries, please refer them to the detox information.    

For more  information and to register for Saturday please email the host at su4taf@gmail.com

To support the struggle to establish human rights, the rule of law, and ethical medical care for people of  Ontario and Canada (before the WEF and WHO launch their next plandemic and forced injection campaign), please visit Justice For Medicine