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Cancer Solutions and Today’s Persecution

While I am facing a penalty hearing today, many injection victims are facing cancer. Here’s insight, hope and solutions.

Today  is November 10th 2023 when I face the hardship of a CPSO hearing to decide their “punishment” for me in recognition of my three years dedicated  mission work to research, inform and protect people against the covid-crimes-against-humanity including the misrepresented genetic experiments that have killed and maimed unprecedented numbers of innocent people around the world. You can witness the CPSO penalty hearing starting at 9 a.m. EST (Toronto). To get a link please sign up here.    

Greater hardships than mine are faced by many victims of the injections. The injections have various harmful mechanisms, which  include disruption of  the immune systems. One consequence of this is the dramatic rise in new, unusual, and fast growing cancers, even in young people; as well as aggressive cancer recurrences for people in remission, and deterioration in patients who were stable before the injections.

Oncology Professor Angus Dalgleish of St George, University of London warns of dramatically worse cancer disease following covid boosters:

The toxic spike protein is mass produced by injections victims’ own bodies. This is at the root of their troubles including the immune dysfunction. So like all injected persons, those suffering from cancer should attend rigorously to measures to detoxify their bodies, and limit the harm from the spike protein. This offers hope to restore their immune systems. See links in related material below.

While we challenge and attempt to restore corrupted institutions like the CPSO, we are also building new ethical institutions like the World Council For Health.

Here WCH Science Research Chair, Canadian PhD candidate Matthew Halma takes us on a quick tour of recent WCH advances in health science, before focussing on recent WCH advances regarding cancer.

WCH nutritionist and psychoneuroimmunologist Frances Haven unpacks the new WCH guide which will be available very soon.

Cancer Detox and Immune Boosting Guide: A practical approach to home-based care for concerned families

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  1. Dr Trozzi you have my highest respect. I am a Canadian family doctor who continues to work because despite all of the negative sentiments about medicine, there are still patients who have issues that need sensitive tending to. The way I get away with telling patients the truth, is a tell them what the CDC recommendations are, and tell them that I must recommend this formally, but if I take off my doctor hat, I have different personal opinions. If they wish to know them I will share. This way I am giving the formal party line, but am still open to discuss alternate ideas with patients. I hope this helps other doctors.

  2. I hope you all clue in to Ozone therapy and truly help humanity with this integrated into the healing process. I cannot impress this enough to boost the healing time process. Blessings to all to fully heal and others to wake up to what is really available for good health and not to comply to the bioweapon’s agenda.

  3. Dr. Trozzi you are a warrior and in times of war we need good leadership! You atepped up when many of your colleagues were afraid and that’s what sets you apart from them:) You are in good company though because across the world there are great doctor warriors ready and willing to tell the truth for all mankind:) I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you well in your next chapter in life. Never let them break you because you have the truth and that will always set you free and apart from corruption! What a blessing! God Bless:)

  4. Dear Doctor: I am listening at this moment to your case.
    Dilemma follows and is clear: if you get licence back, you will have to abandon your activities and your actuons as an activist and member WCH. You will stop being independent and able to freely speak.
    It is tough spot to be.
    All the best, Wojciech

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