Scientific discourse at last! Doctors Bridle and Strauss

Immunologist Dr Byram Bridle and critical care specialist Dr Matt Strauss presented different perspectives in an open forum before a live audience.

At last, civilized debate from experts with different opinions before a live audience .

After three years of persecuting all scientists and doctors who did not agree with or at least shut up regarding the covid agenda, masks, lockdowns, and genetic injections, we have a break-through!

Dr. Byram Bridle & Dr. Matt Strauss Engage in a Scientific Discourse About COVID-19

For three years, we have been told what to think and do, with zero proof, zero justification, and zero respect for our intelligence, freedom, rights, or constitution. Scientists and doctors who take the shots and shut up are still employed. Those that actively promote the agenda and the  injections are very well rewarded. Those that stand against it, are fired from universities and hospitals, slandered, and stripped of our medical licenses and income.

Many times over the past three years, leaders in the covid truth movement including myself have rolled out the red carpet to ministers of health and pro-narrative scientists and doctors,  asking for open public debate, but no official would ever participate… Until now.  

On October 6, 2023 in Guelph Ontario, immunologist/vaccinologist Dr Byram Bridle and critical care specialist Dr Matt Strauss presented different perspectives in an open forum before a live audience.

Dr Bridle has been ostracized from his laboratory and University for actively sharing his insights that run counter to the WHO narrative.

Dr. Strauss has expressed some criticisms of public health pandemic measures, including tweets stating he would rather get COVID-19 than eat a happy meal, calling Florida governor Ron DeSantis a hero, and stating “live free or die”. Despite that Dr Strauss maintained his medical license and even held the position of the Acting Medical Officer of Health for Halimand-Norfolk  from September 2021 until January 2023.

These two experts have some overlapping opinions, but also some very different opinions, including their conclusions and advice about the covid-19 experimental genetic “vaccines”.

I was exuberant watching this event. Open discourse before the public is an essential step towards the restoration of society. If you have not seen this, please pour a warm mug or a cold glass, and enjoy. Draw your own conclusions, and be free.

Thank You to Julie Mintha, Glen Jung, The Canadian Independent, Bright Light News, and Doctors Bridle and Strauss for breaking the ice, and starting real scientific discourse.