Dr. Mark Trozzi

Doctors Makis, Trozzi and Amerling with Laura Lynn TT

The Great Covid deception. Important information for everyone, especially doctors who remain enslaved to the agenda.

Here is an honest uncensored expert conversation regarding the crimes, injuries, deaths, and corruption of covid, plus needed solutions to restore our health, society, and children’s futures. Please especially share this with doctors and nurses; we are offering an olive bracnh and seeking to unite all good people, armed with the truth, to stand against the criminal covid enterprise. Choose freedom and self respect. Reject slavery.  

On Saturday October 28 2023 in Whitby Ontario please join Dr Makis, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, myself and many of Canada’s noblest doctors, scientists and leaders who have held the line against the covid-crimes-against-humanity, and continue the fight while delivering  truth and solutions to you.

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  1. This is a pearl of great price! Truth central! Some of us were ” on to this scam” from early on.I thank God everyday.I never knew I could be held suspect by friends and former co workers and continue unscathed and stand my ground.We can do all things through God who strengthens us!Truly, truly these doctors remain in my prayers always.

  2. Thank you so much for the candid and truthful information. I remain unvaccinated as I could not believe what was taking place across this country and now you have confirmed my suspicions! I truly hope more doctors wake up and in turn their patients will wake up. I know of too many friends, family and acquaintances who have succumbed to the adverse events caused by this horrific drug, it has to stop! Hold the line!

  3. Please keep up the fantastic work of keeping us informed. You give us hope in these dark times. Hopefully as more people become aware of the fraud, things will start to change for the better.

  4. Dr Trozz, we attended the Gathering in Peterborough. Have also seen you speak in Toronto with Dr Shoemaker
    Can not thank you enough for all your energy, integrity, honesty and amazing website.
    Keep up the amazing work, we will always support yourself and others standing up to this overwhelming fight that we are in.

  5. Dr Trozzi, I attended the Peterborough gathering with my spouse.

    You are doing an amazing job.
    Can’t thank you enough for the very thorough website you have.
    Always will support yourself and others in this overwhelming fight we are all in.

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