Worst Ever Human and Child Trafficking is Now

A deep factual dive into human and child trafficking for slavery, sex, satanic rituals, and the harvesting of organs and blood.

A deep factual dive into human and child trafficking for slavery, sex, satanic rituals, and the harvesting of organs and blood.

Recently, the movie “Sound of Freedom”, brought the swelling current reality of child sex trafficking to the forefronts of our minds. It has aroused our healthy natural emotions, and invigorated our determination to end the rule of evil in our world. One concern I have about the film, is its potential to create a wrong impression, that human trafficking is just a crime of gangs operating in the slums and jungles of Columbia, and dirty pedophiles working in the basements of decrepit houses in the USA.

In reality, the current plague of human trafficking leads us also to presidents, prime ministers, parliamentarians, royal families, false religious leaders, media personalities, UN and WHO officials, Epstein Island, the Lolita Express, Clinton “charitable” deeds in Haiti, and many other factions of the same global predators who are responsible for wars, plagues, bioweapons, fiat currency scams, false flags and more.

The World Council for Health is on a mission which goes far beyond our intensive work to help solve the covid-crimes-against-humanity and heal the victims of the “vaccines”. Our mission takes us wherever their is human suffering; to help end the harms, heal the damage, and create a better way forward.

WCH Policy Brief And Call For Action On Human Trafficking.

By World Council for Health

John Campbell: World Council for Health Expose Evil

Here is a 15 minute summary of the hard and shocking facts within the WCH briefing.

WHO: Sexual Abuse Of Women In The DRC - by Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

An investigative report exposing the sexual abuse of women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by World Health Organization officials.

“The announcements of public health emergencies of international concern (PHEIC) by the WHO, as amplified in International Health Regulations and the proposed new pandemic treaty are a conduit to sexual exploitation, socioeconomic deprivation, and human trafficking. Member states have the right to reconsider their participation in the WHO. In Africa, collaboration – for example through community, national, and other alliances – can be far more conducive to health and well-being.” Read more

Max Lowen: Surviving Child Abuse

Max Lowen is an adult survivor of childhood trafficking. Lowen describes first hand, the horrors at the bottom of this rabbit hole. She also shares her secrets for healing from such deep wounds inflicted on a child. Here is this WCH Better Way Live Episode in it’s entirety. 

Friends, we are not going here just to gawk at the worst abominations on earth. We are on a mission to expose the crimes, to neutralize the perpetrators, to liberate the victims, and create a future free of such evil. Thanks for being with us.

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