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Vitamin D3 | The Great Biology Reset

Prof David Anderson MD explains the profound role of vitamin D3 in our health, and why the predators of big pharma work so hard to suppress this knowledge

The science of vitamin D is complex and beautiful. This includes the sun powered generation of vitamin D1 in our skin; it’s modification into vitamin D2 in our liver; further modification to become vitamin D3 in our kidneys and immune cells; its role in bone health; it’s sophisticated roles as a molecule used for communication between cells of both our innate and adaptive immune systems; and more. Its profound role in our immune sytems’ function is a threat to the corrupt pharmacology industry. This is the reason these predators work hard to suppress this knowledge.

I recently read UK endocrinologist Professor David Anderson’s book titled “Vitamin D3 And The Great Biology Reset”. It is an excellent book of scientific and political insights. Professor David Anderson MD is calling for a Great Biology Reset to restore Vitamin D and natural immunity to the centre stage of medicine as an antidote to Big Pharma, which he says exploits Vitamin D-deficiency to make money.

On August 21 2023, Jemma Cooper, Christof Plothe DO and myself Mark Trozzi MD had the pleasure of co-hosting Professor Anderson’s presentation to the World Council For Health. Here is that presentation and Q&A.

Here is a valuable gift from Prof. Anderson and Dr Grimes: a free pdf of their book: Vitamin D3 And The Great Biology Reset.
While the global predators use the WHO to destroy your health and violate your rights, the team at the World Council for Health  work tirelessly  to defend you, your family, your rights, and your health. Please take advantage of the many resources  to serve you from the  World Council for Health, and support our mission. 

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  1. I would like to present a story about self healing THROUGH use of Vit D3 supplementation. I’d read about the miraculous healing of Vit D supplementation and decided to ask my GP to work with me to see if we could HEAL my iron deficiency. My entire life I was considered “anemic”. My iron stores were documented through bloodwork as: 18 DEPLETED when they should have been been between 80-300 – considered “normal”.
    Year 1 – Vit B injection monthly + Vit D3 x 10K IU daily
    Results: Vit B&D ABOVE normal YET Iron stores now 35 (double)
    Year 2 – Vit B injection monthly + Vit D3 x 10K IU daily
    Results: Vit B&D ABOVE normal YET Iron stores now 70 (double)
    Year 3 – Vit B injection monthly + Vit D3 x 10K IU daily
    Results: Vit B&D ABOVE normal YET Iron stores now 80 (NORMAL 1st time in my life)
    Today – No longer taking Vit B injections but continue aggresive Vit D3 supplementation. My use of Vit D3 is as follows:
    Vit D3 x 5K IU all summer (PLUS careful planned direct sunlight with NO SUNSCREEN)+ Vit D3 x 10K IU all winter. I live in Canada where direct sunlight is limited by geography.
    Results: Vit B&D back to NORMAL and IRON STORES steady at 125
    NO IRON SUPPLEMENTS were ever used … Vit D3 and initial Vit B injections were the ONLY change. I have the medical proof via BLOODWORK. My doctor was amazing and supported my desire to use natural means to heal my Anemia and SEVERE CHRONIC FATIGUE.

  2. I checked the chapters of this extensive semi-scientific 350 pages book. I predict that only few people will have time to read it.

    Origins of the virus are speculative, and only if we assume that ‘supervirus coronia’ really escaped from the lab. Additionally reader must assume that the ‘germ’ theory is correct as well. Remember, it is only a ‘theory’. It compets with the ‘terrain’ theory.

    I couldn’t care less about the “origin” , because IMO, there has never been a “pandemic”…not even close! It was ‘PCR Pandemic’ due to fraudulent testings. For at least two years, every case of the cold or flu (and every other illness, for that matter) was re-labelled “covid”! The same with the deaths; and hospitals were paid $$$$$..

    The true biological weapon is not this virus, but transfecting injections.

    Vitamin D is important..read dr. Trozzi earlier references, or go to:
    ..if you want to save time.

    1. Frankly speaking (re: chapter 5) I do not observe any ‘vit. D negation’.
      There are plenty of info about D allover the internet, and D3 is easily available even at the grocery stores.

      1. FYI: My oncologist recommended Kirkland’s D3 (Costco). Evidently this particular supplement is very consistent batch to batch. I have used it for many years and should add that it can accumulate in one’s system, so it should be monitored to get the best level for you.

  3. Don’t take vitamin D3 as a supplement. It will calcify your arteries. Almost nobody knows this. As is often the case with SO MANY supplements, the chemical form is DIFFERENT than the natural form.
    Watch the YouTube videos by Felix Harder for an explanation. He recommends getting your vitamin D from (1) the sun, (2) vitamin D lamps or (3) cod liver oil.

    P.S. The world needs an entrepreneur who will produce vitamin D light bulbs that can be used everywhere that people don’t get enough sun.

    1. Only partially true. It is complexed subject. If D
      levels are left too high for too long, bone pain, headaches, drowsiness, itching and calcium stones in the kidneys may occur. Very high levels may also lead to low levels of vitamin K2 in the blood, which can, ironically, cause bone loss of calcium. There are reports that excessive levels of vitamin D have caused kidney failure.
      Only 10% of D is from food. The rest is fron exposure to the Sun. How much are you exposed?

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