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University of McGill's partnership with Moderna demonstrates the reckless, dangerous and negligent roll out of the covid-19 genetic injections.

We can not trust Big Pharma, academia, or regulatory agencies.

Dr Bridle warned 2 years ago that bio-distribution studies on lipid nanoparticles with genetic payloads must absolutely be completed in animal studies, before considering even limited experimental administration to humans. I warned you that pegylated lipid nanoparticles are known to cross all bodily barriers and distribute to all tissues. While attacking us for warning you, the fascist union of big pharma and corrupt governments approved this experiment for humans,  claimed it was safe and effective, and coerced it into more than half of the world’s population. They are still pushing to inject everyone, over and over.

Good scientists, doctors, nurses and others continue being attacked for raising concerns and warning the public. Record numbers of people have died around the world and many more are injured. Bio-distribution studies out of Japan and elsewhere have demonstrated dangerous extensive bio-distribution. Yet while we continue under siege and fighting for the people, scientific prostitutes line up for millions of dollars to “study” the bio-distribution now. They can not be trusted. God knows what ridiculous conclusions they may claim to further the globalist agenda for monopoly power over global health

Life SIte News wrote: Canada’s canceled frontline doctors are true medical heroes for speaking the truth about COVID-19 and effective treatments of the virus. Now vaccinologist expert Dr. Byram Bridle has an urgent message to share with the world: the medical community, governments, and pharmaceutical companies lied about the quantity of the lipid nanoparticles in each dose of the vaccine and the hazards for those injected in its global COVID-19 injection program. Watch now as Dr. Bridle exposes the big pharmaceutical industry in this exclusive presentation to LifeSiteNews, explains how ‘warp speed’ vaccines are not safe for those injected, and how the world continues to be at risk from the medical establishment.

LifeSiteNews source article

I recommend following and supporting LifeSiteNews. They are integral, diligent, truth telling journalists at the front lines of the war to protect human life against a broad global anti-life agenda. Life Site News Canada Life Site News USA

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  1. Ladies, like me you have moments of giving up hope but I’m sure you pick up & keep in the fight! Tamara Lich spoke in our city last week; she maintains she does not have anxiety because she tells the truth. Its essential to continue to encourage our own strength in that way & its very bolstering for others. We were destined to be on this side of the stand & so are the legions (millions) of others we don’t see. Reading our beloved freedom doctors’ public notifications is amazing! Thank you so very much to them. There are as many steps forward now, if not more, than back! Court wins are unpublished because of confidentiality agreements but you can guarantee they are happening! Every day in some small way we can go inward, secure ourselves & emanate the Light.

  2. Never give up, never lose hope, that will only give these criminals joy and they will believe to just continue on their path of destruction! Remember that although things look bleak, God is still in control and WILL have the last word! These clowns will destroy themselves, because they think that they are God.

  3. Does this announcment mean that was never done and should of been done before should give proof of Genocide, I wouldn’t trust any of the gov’t or pharmacal

  4. What a saddened medical world it has become all for the sake of filling your pocket with the root of all evil being MONEY . This at a cost of not caring about humanity and making them more sick so that more drugs and procedures that were not necessary are now being given and performed . They knew that humanity little by little as well as the Blessed Doctors that are standing up for us all like Dr. Mark Trozzi are moving towards natural foods and interventions . This of course was making our world in better health and not needing pills and poison in our bodies . We were becoming less and less dependent on Drugs . I truly believe the devil has been guiding these so called Doctors and pharmaceutical industry in this beautful world which it still is as it was made by God . But thanks to God that we are blessed with DOCTORS amazing ,loving,caring ,truthful,ethical and morals like Dr. Mark Trozzi and his team of wonderful Doctors like him to fight for our world and help bring it back to us the way God intended it to be . But then Jesus got sold for 30pieces ofSilver and crucified but then look what happened He redeemed us all again . So Blessings to you all to fight this devastating death sentence that was given to those who did and had because of not having a choice to put bread on the table for their family if they didn’t get the injection of poison .
    We are Detoxing and hopefully we get our health back .

  5. When will this nightmare end? I really don’t see many interested in knowing the truth – maybe it’s just where I live – but everyone seems to think we’re back to normal. How can they not see the truth????

    1. There are still a great many that are trapped in their 9 to 5 jobs. And their routine is to come home, eat dinner and watch the 6 o’clock news, where they will never learn the truth. If they go online at all, it’s not to gain truthful insight into reality. Though there is a growing number becoming aware of this deception, only initiation of the EBS will bring the truth to everyone, ready or not, to the massive psy-op we’ve all been living under. And that time is relatively soon. RM

    2. Many just cannot accept the fact they’ve been a willing test subject in a global medical experiment and succumbed to a coordinated military grade psy-op that has destroyed their ability to think critically. At this stage the situation is beyond their comprehension, they simply can’t handle the truth.

  6. Thank you for all your work and courage. I want to share these videos to the uninformed but your titles and headings are too sensationalist so people refuse to watch the video. If you could just present the video with a neutral introduction, for example, here is a video which shows what McGill university is researching, perhaps I could reach those who aren’t informed. Thank you.

  7. These so called experts and academia are paid off prostitutes for the facist regime that is trying to take over Canada and the world.
    The presstitutes lie, everything is corrupt. They knew and didn’t care. Why are these killers still walking around free?
    Now the Oprahs of the world are starting fires and murdering people to set up their smart cities.
    I fought hard the last 2 years, the truckers saved us, but now I really am losing hope. To many paid off traitors that don’t give a shit about their children or grandchildren. DISGUSTING.

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