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This is what the world thinks of Trudeau

Canada is living under the violent oppressive dictatorship of Castro's evil son.

Here is another giant for the heap of Trudeau crimes against humanity, and sociapathic megalomania.

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  1. New Zealand is introducing new legislation for NHP’s (Natural Health Products). The Bill is called the “Therapeutic Products Bill”-
    “The Bill will also cover natural health products. These products will have their own regulations under the Bill. Following the Health Committee reporting back to the House, the Government announced an exemption scheme for small scale NHP manufacturers”.

  2. Again and again the boy emperor does whatever he wants without any consequences and complacent, compliant, and cowardly Canadians do nothing to stop him.

  3. Watching this video reminds of Trudeau treated the trucker convoy in Ottawa when he brought in the police to dismantle the protest by literally trampling on people.

  4. I am certainly no fan of Justin Trudeau. But I need to say that this raid on the homeless people of Toronto, was not ordered by federal politicians. Although the conditions leading up to it have much to do with federal policies.

  5. Justin Trudeau is asking for a war And he will get it if he doesn’t stop and dismantle his government.

  6. This is what Richard Syrett, radio host on Sauga 960 AM (Mississauga) said on his radio show yesterday at 4 pm::

    ” The other day I was speaking with Daniel Bordman from the National Telegraph about strong rumors that the Prime Minister is planning on stepping down before the next federal election which is not expected before 2025. The Liberals are simply not able to fund raise with this joker leading the party. His approval ratings are cratering, his disapproval ratings are heading steadily northward. This guy is radioactive. He’s despised at home, he’s mocked and ridiculed internationally, … How bad is it? It seems now that wherever the Prime Minister goes he gets booed and heckled.
    Most recently, yesterday, in Belleville, Ontario, where nearly 100 protestors surrounded Trudeau and his motorcade. It wasn’t exactly a warm welcome. The protestors greeted the trust fund brat with chants of “Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!”
    Trudeau was in Belleville to mark the 7th anniversary of the Liberal government’s child care benefit. He also planned to take in a local farmer’s market and meet the mayor of the city. His route to the farmer’s market vendors was then blocked by a group of like minded individuals.
    The Trudeau security detail allegedly pushed away 2 women who approached his motorcade. Trudeau was standing on an SUV’s foot board, waving and smiling at the crowd. He’s totally oblivious. He actually thinks people like him.
    I haven’t seen citizens of a country warm up to a leader like this since Ceausescu. How did that end? …”

    Richard Syrett Show, July 21, 2023, starting at: 2:53 – 4:40

  7. Looks like Australia to me!
    These cops need to be charged with assault and battery!
    This is not my Canada. Time to charge these politicians with TREASON!

  8. Just when you think Trudeau can’t stoop low enough, he seems to surpass his already dirty standards, and still pretend that he’s for the people.
    He lies in testimony, won’t answer simple questions, and refuses democracy at every turn.
    A dispicable human being, let alone Prime Minister.

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