Dr. Mark Trozzi

Dr Trozzi CPSO spectacle update

Dr Trozzi briefs The World Council for Health leadership and a global audience on the CPSO's unlawful prosecution of ethical doctors in Canada.

During a recent World Council For Health weekly General Assembly which was viewed by thousands of people from around the world, I briefed the assembly on the state of medical tyranny in Canada and our current struggle with the CPSO. Here is my short and frank description of the situation, and encouraging words from my fellow members of the steering committee of the World Council For health.

A Message from the World Council For Health

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) seeks to remove Dr Mark Trozzi’s medical license for taking an ethical stance for his patients during Covid-19 and speaking out against the unethical and unscientific global agenda being carried out by the WHO and the Canadian government’s regulatory bodies.

On Monday June 19th, 2023 at General Assembly Meeting #92, Dr Mark Trozzi provided an important update about the hearing and received encouraging messages of support from the WCH Steering Committee.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to one of the true heroes of the last three years, Dr Mark Trozzi. A warrior of light, truth, compassion, and true medical ethics.

To Watch the rest of GA Meeting #92: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/multimedia/general-assembly-meeting-92/

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  1. Do not pay those bastards! Screw them. Why to pay if they take your licence? If you pay you will only enrich this corrupt, preposterous organization !

  2. Great to watch Dr. McCullough in action there. Having him up against the board reminded me of the Ontario psychological body that wanted to censure Jordan Peterson. Enough said!

    Keep on!

  3. Dear beautiful man Dr. Trozzi,

    You may not have to be martyr. Understand you stopped conversing with Christopher James with the law vs legal stuff but have you looked into a bible reading man called Cal Washington living in Richmond B.C.?

    20 years of being beaten up from the courts (literally) and has a unique persperspective of a legal system and its rules that are not all written down for us to see. He had a judge run out of the court when he entered. He even is assisting in people successfully removing their smart meter.

    Please bring all the tools you can in your legal challenges. I do not know how to contact him but perhaps a link to a concise stage talk will help.


    There are plenty of people like Cal and Christopher: Keri Spelling, David Lester Straight, Creg Paul the Sauvereign’s way, Karl Lintz and wow there’s more… Cal is unique in linking all Past and present justice systems we have.

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